Intercollegiate Athletics Staff Directory

Mailing Address
516 15th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, Minn. 55455
Phone: (612) area code

250 BFAB 624-4497
Director of Athletics Mark Coyle 624-4497
Deputy Athletics Director John Cunningham 624-4497
Deputy Athletics Director/CFO Rhonda McFarland 625-3696
Executive Associate Athletics Director/SWA Julie Manning 624-7345
Sr. Associate AD Tom McGinnis 624-4497
Sr. Associate AD Marc Ryan 624-4497
Sr. Associate AD/Fan Development Ayo Taylor-Dixon 624-4497
Sr. Associate AD/Development Dusty Clements 624-4497
Associate AD/Facilities Scott Ellison 624-4497
Associate AD/Student-Athlete Development/Diversity & Inclusion Peyton N. Owens III 624-5834
Assistant AD/Chief of Staff Jenny Yehlen 625-0775
Assistant AD/Creative Services Jeff Keiser 626-1097
Assistant AD/Development Deb Noll 624-4497
Director of Compliance Jeremiah Carter 626-5480
Director of MAC J.T. Bruett 626-5093
Executive Assistant Chris Howell 625-2372
Human Resources/Payroll Assistant Anna Lee 624-4497
Administrative Intern Sarissa Falk 626-7859
270 BFAB    
Assistant AD / Budget & Finance Tim McCleary 625-2524
Asst. Director of Budget & Finance Carol Flannigan 626-8627
Finance & Budget Associate Julie Gabrielson 625-1597
Finance & Budget Associate Ryan Enselein 626-7687
Finance & Budget Associate Sandra Smolka 624-3866
Travel Specialist/Short's Travel Brenda Fisher 625-5444
244 BFAB 625-4090
Director Paul Rovnak 625-9379
Director / Strategic Communications Jake Ricker 625-4802
Associate Director Dan Reisig 625-4389
Associate Director Michelle Traversie 624-0522
Assistant Director Brian Deutsch 626-4011
Assistant Director Justine Buerkle 624-1023
Assistant Director Mandy Hansen 626-9394
Assistant Director Ryan Tibbitts 625-4090
Social Media Manager Kileigh Carpenter 625-9545
Social Media Coordinator Taylor Nardinger 625-4090
Communications Assistant Austin Lagesse 625-4090
Communications Assistant Trenten Gauthier 625-4090
Communications Assistant Joe Hansen 625-4090
230 BFAB 626-5480
Director Jeremiah Carter 626-5480
Assoc. Director / Scholarship Coordinator Jim Praska 626-7117
Associate Director Ashley Hedges 626-7218
Assistant Director Andrew Nelson 626-8233
Assistant Director Rhett Caviel 624-8627
Financial Aid Coordinator Molly Nelson 625-5357
Compliance Coordinator Kevin Gomer 624-5425
244 BFAB    
Assistant AD/Creative Services Jeff Keiser 626-1097
Associate Creative Director Chris Lagasse 625-0854
Assistant Creative Director Courtney Anderson 624-9396
Assistant Creative Director Niko Alexander 625-4090
Director of Photography Eric Miller 625-0828
Intern Alaina Hornibrook  
Director of Equipment - Pavilion/Williams Arena Lori Gislason 625-1357
Equipment Manager - Williams/Pavilion Emily Oberlander 625-1357
Head Equipment Manager - Football Kyle Gergely 625-0087
Equipment Manager - Football Greg Valenzisi 625-5523
Equipment Manager - 145 BFAB Andrew Harris 625-0087
Equipment Manager - 145 BFAB John Blackshear 625-7828
Equipment Manager - 145 BFAB Students 625-2318
Equipment Manager - Mariucci Lee Greseth 625-9303
Equipment Manager - Ridder Arena/Baseline Tennis Center Brent Proulx 626-9793
TCF Bank Stadium    
Director of Event Management John Tweedy 626-4007
Assistant Director of Event Management Geoff Riehl 626-5105
Assistant Event Manager Tyler Boike 624-8147
Assistant Director of Special Events Dana Nelson 626-6027
Assistant Director of Special Events Lindsay Schutter 626-8032
Intern Cameron Morris 626-6025
Intern Rachel Simons 626-6025
Associate AD Scott Ellison 625-8860
Assistant AD Jeff Seifriz 624-7559
BFAB/Gibson-Nagurski 516 15th Ave. SE, RM 141 624-2868
Assistant Director Sam Nolden 625-9378
Intern Annabelle Juin 624-1514
TCF Bank Stadium    
G120A TCFSTAD 624-5072
Director of Operations Brady Buresh 301-1339
Assistant Director of Operations Lacey Probst 625-1207
Sr. Bldg & Grounds Supervisor Karin Holida 626-2703
Turf Fields and Outdoor Fac Supervisor Issac Risbrudt 625-5587
Sr. General Mechanic Jim Wittek 625-5696
Sr. General Mechanic Stuart Wiberg 625-2431
Sr. General Mechanic Luke Fernandez 626-5912
Turf Manager Mike McDonald 625-5154
Lead Ice Maker Andy Johnson 625-5659
Grounds Steve Boeknehauer 626-6097
  Luke Wittrock 625-5659
Intern Zak Armstrong 625-1207
Baseline Tennis Center    
Director John Pratt 624-7664
Assistant Director Mason Hemmer 625-2444
Court Reservations 625-1433
Mariucci/Ridder 1901 4th St. SE 625-5804
Assistant Director Craig Flor 625-8365
Lead Ice Maker Adam Stirn 625-5587
Exec. Ofc & Admin Specialist Lisa Hardy 625-0790
Bldg. & Grounds Super. Brent Roos 626-1398
Intern Ryan Cochran 626-6211
Intern Nathan Wiste 626-6211
Open Skating (Recording) 625-6648
Williams/Pavilion 1925 University Ave. SE 624-6487
Assistant Director   301-1339
Sr. Bldg. & Grounds Worker Deaynn Brausen 626-0896
Intern Lauren Thomas 625-3007
Rigger/Fac. Mgr. Tom Perry 625-0285
  Dr. Emily Hoover 624-6220
  Dr. Perry Leo 625-0535 
159 Mariucci 625-4879
Assistant AD/Fan Development Mike Wierzbicki 626-9640
Assistant Director of Fan Development Jacqui Sharpee 625-4582
Assistant Director of Fan Development Stephanie Woelfel 624-4528
Assistant Director of Fan Development Mills Armbruster 624-7028
Fan Development Intern/Coordinator Mckenzie Lee 625-4879
121 Mariucci 626-4653
Director Ryan Maus 626-3999
Digital Content Manager Daniel Claxton 624-6449
Senior Producer Josh Blessing 626-8313
Multimedia Content Producer Troy Beckman  
Football Digital Content Coordinator Chris Jackson  
Digital Media Assistant John Romo 624-7318
Broadcast Engineer Ryan McCarthy 625-2528
Event Services Coordinator Ben Maxwell 624-5283
Video Production Intern Katie Halter  
Motion Graphics Intern Alyssa Conell  
Video Boards    
Live Production Operations Manager Joel Larsen  
Live Production Coordinator Aric Carpenter 952-540-7904
Live Production Intern Cole Mayer  
275 BFAB 626-4653
Sr. Associate AD Dusty Clements 626-4653
Major Gifts    
Assistant AD Randy Handel 626-4653
Assistant AD Deb Noll 626-4653
Major Gifts Officer Joe Quinn 626-5485
Associate Development Officer Chris Hawthorne 625-0806
Capital Campaign Coordinator   625-4211
Director of Donations Anne Miller 626-4653
Intern Emily Katsuma 626-8688
Annual Fund    
Director of Annual Fund Ben Fraser 624-6902
Assistant Director Special Projects Laura Halldorson 626-1770
Intern Casey Taylor 625-5119
Premium Seating, Stewardship & Events    
Director of Events Jessica Holck 626-2258
Intern Joe Rush 626-7941
159 Mariucci  
General Manager Greg Gerlach 624-6336
Associate General Manager Nate Schultz 625-9316
Senior Manager - Business Development Matt Sherman 624-7308
Senior Manager - Business Development Ryan McDonald 624-1655
Sales Operations Coordinator Ann Counihan 625-9421
Director of Suite Sales Danielle Bloom 626-1064
Manager Business Development Collin Brezny 625-3534
Partnership Services Coordinator Jake Mulder 625-0015
Partnership Services Coordinator Chelsea Ochtera 626-4107
259 BFAB    
Human Resources Director Tricia Budke 625-3361
Human Resources Associate Kelly Monroe 625-9331
Human Resources/Payroll Assistant Anna Lee 624-4497
252 Gibson-Nagurski 624-8502 
Director Doug Goon 624-1080
Associate IT Director Andrew Cope 626-1450
Assistant Director Krista Sheely 624-1163
Service Desk Manager Max Stoesz 625-0691
Info Tech Specialist Josh Wolanin 625-0070
Helpdesk   624-8502
244 Bierman    
Director Dave Lindquist 626-2086
259 Bierman    
Director of "M" Club George Adzick 626-7305
225 BFAB 625-6888
Director J.T. Bruett 626-5093
Associate Director/Dir. of Football Jacki Lienesch 625-9860
Academic Counselor Chris Cords 625-3805
Academic Counselor Ky Burgess 624-6540
Academic Counselor Robert Day 625-5170
Academic Counselor Kyle Quagliana 624-9355
Academic Counselor Jacqueline Hoak 624-1435
Academic Counselor Kyle Nelson 625-7803
Tutor Coordinator Adam Demchak 625-3510
Learning Services Kim Halgren 626-8333
Coordinator of Learning Services Lainey Brottem 624-8809
Learning Services Stephanie Shuey 625-1183
Data Analyst Mike Prytz 625-3469
Administrative Assistant Caitlin Boon 625-6888
Football Academic Intern Mary Maruggi 625-6540
Intern Scottie Moler 625-3510
Intern Brent Anderson 625-1183
Intern Anna Belpedio 626-8333
190 BFAB    
Director of Athletic Medicine    
Insurance Coordinator Deb Hoffoss 626-2066
Sports Psychologist Dr. Carly Anderson 206-948-9118
Sports Psychologist Dr. Justin Anderson 651-308-8415
Sports Psychologist Dr. Allie Wagener 710-1872
Sports Psychologist Dr. Troy Moles  
Aquatic Center   625-2850
Athletic Trainer Franchon Ohlrogge 625-2850
Graduate Assistant Julie Olson 625-2850
Athletic Trainer Emily Wendolek 624-9844
Athletic Trainer Curtis Simondet 626-9488
Athletic Trainer Sarah Wambheim 626-4449
Athletic Trainer Erin Murphy 626-4449
Graduate Assistant Anna Lundeen 625-2827
Graduate Assistant Mitchell Bertrand 625-2850
Graduate Assistant Cole Harding 625-2827
Graduate Assistant Fred Zappa III 625-0649
Gibson-Nagurski Complex    
Head Football Trainer Mike Sypniak 625-3008
Assistant Athletic Trainer   624-3344
Assistant Athletic Trainer Arno Rheinberger 625-0273
Graduate Assistant Tori Winslow 624-4527
Mariucci Arena    
Athletic Trainer Jeffrey Winslow 626-4499
Ridder Arena    
Athletic Trainer Erin Moore 625-4740
Graduate Assistant Parker LeMire 625-4740
Williams Arena    
Athletic Trainer Ronni Beatty-Kollasch 625-5845
Athletic Trainer Stephen Patterson 626-4688
Athletic Trainer Ben Felz 626-8771
Graduate Assistant Suzanna Wymore 624-2394
250 BFAB    
Director of Nutrition John Parenti 301-9431
Assistant Director Abigail O'Connor 301-9431
101 Mariucci 624-8080
Assistant AD/Sales and Service Ryan Dillon 624-8080
Manager of Ticket Sales Peter Flowers 624-8080
Sales and Service Supervisor Mike Chandler 624-5787
Sales and Service Supervisor Jacob Kershaw 625-4205
Senior Accountant Ron Gavino 624-5811
Web Content/Email Marketing Manager Neal Hohman 624-9435
Business Analyst Anna Shtuk 625-4792
Office Support Asst. Barb Chandler  626-8116
Assistant Director of Sales and Service Emily Mallek 624-8080
Account Executive Nicholas Kuehl 626-0536
Account Executive Dalton Stevens 624-8080
Account Executive Mackenzie Tapp 624-8080
Account Executive Robert Zimmerman Jr. 624-8080
Intern Torie Buberl 625-4205

Baseball Ticket Office   626-1506
Pavilion Ticket Office   626-2025
Soccer Ticket Office   624-8080
Softball Ticket Office   624-2907
Vault   624-2853
Williams Ticket Office   625-6562
140 Pavilion    
Head Coach Sam Owens 625-2629
Program Director / Hockey Cheer Coach Kristina Anderson 625-2628
Mascot Coord. / Recruiting Coord. / Co-Ed Cheer Jacob Schauf 625-2559
Dance Team Coach Amanda Gaines 625-1600
103 BFAB    
Assistant to the Athletic Director Bob Rohde 625-9891
Director - Olympics Sports Sara Wiley 626-9792
Associate Director Cal Dietz 626-7845
Assistant Director Shaun Brown 625-3085
Assistant Director Kelly Clay 625-0339
Assistant Director Allyse Rodriguez  
Assistant Director Ralph Petrella 625-0159
Assistant Director Scott McWilliams 625-2411
Assistant Director Alex Luhring 625-4418
Assistant Director Corey Petersen  
Head Football Dan Nichol 626-8933
Associate Director (FB)   625-6732
Assistant Director (FB) Jeremy Cole 625-5016
Assistant Director (FB) Marcus Wasilewski 625-5016
Intern Megan Gill  
Intern Cameron Razzano  
225 Gibson-Nagurski    
Associate AD / Student-Athlete Development / Diversity & Inclusion Peyton N. Owens III 624-5834
Director, Campus and Community Partnerships Linda Roberts 626-7857
Director, Career Services and Relations Anissa Lightner 625-1544
Director / Student Development Quincy Lewis  
Change Agent Sydney Fabian  
Intern David Plummer  
200 Gibson-Nagurski   625-1060
Head Coach John Anderson 625-1060
Assistant Coach Rob Fornasiere 625-0115
Volunteer Coach Patrick Casey 625-1060
Director of Operations Lee Swenson 625-0135
205 BFAB 625-3085
Head Coach Richard Pitino 625-3085
Assistant Coaches Ben Johnson 625-3085
  Ed Conroy 625-3085
  Kimani Young 625-3085
Director of Operations Ryan Livingston 625-3085
Assistant Director of Operations Billy O'Meara 626-2018
Assistant Director of Operations Caitlin Mahoney 625-2061
Assistant to the Head Coach Josh Adel 624-5751
Graduate Manager Emma Montie 625-3085
Student Worker    
249 BFAB 624-3563
Head Coach Marlene Stollings 624-3563
Associate Head Coach Niki Dawkins 624-3563
Assistant Coach Marty McGillan 624-3563
Assistant Coach Gail Striegler 624-3563
Director of Operations Tiffanie Couts 626-7943
Assistant to the Head Coach Benjamin Dolezal 624-3563
Director of Video Services Greg Haag 624-3563
Intern   624-3563
240 BFAB 625-6063
Head Coach Steve Plasencia 625-6063
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Jo Rider 625-6063
290 BFAB 624-6533
Director Matt Bingle 624-9065
Head Coach Sarah Hopkins 624-2058
Director of Operations Lyndsey Thorpe 624-2576
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Cindi Linell 624-6533
Gibson-Nagurski 624-6004
Head Coach P.J. Fleck  
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Kirk Ciarrocca  
Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Robb Smith  
Running Backs Kenni Burns  
Wide Receivers Matt Simon  
Offensive Line Ed Warinner  
Defensive Line Bryce Paup  
Defensive Backs Maurice Linquist  
Special Teams Coordinator Rob Wenger  
Director of Operations Peter Weiden  
Director of Player Personnel Marcus Hendrickson  
Director of Player Development Norries Wilson  
General Manager Gerrit Chernoff  
FB Quality Control Joseph Rossi  
FB Quality Control Daniel Collins  
FB Quality Control Gregory Harbaugh  
Director of Video Matt Childers  
Assistant Director of Video Derek Schmidt  
Graphic Designer Will Henry  
Recruiting Coordinator John Schaekel  
Recruiting Asssistant Daniel Ifft  
Executive Assistant to Head Coach Sarah Woodruff  
Assistant to Recruiting and Coaching Staff Marjorie Walsh  
Assistant Director of Operations/Dev/HS Relations Evan Barker  
GA Keanon Cooper  
GA David Kekuewa  
GA Andrew Moulton  
GA David Parker  
240 BFAB 625-6063
Head Coach John Carlson 625-6063
Assistant Coach Justin Smith 625-6063
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Jo Rider 625-6063
240 BFAB 625-6063
Head Coach Michele Redman 625-0017
Associate Head Coach John Cleary 624-7599
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Jo Rider 625-6063
306 Cooke Hall 626-1320
Head Coach Mike Burns 626-1320
Assistant Coach Kostya Kolesnikov 626-2245
Assistant Coach Jordan Valdez 626-1320
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Shelley Slominski 626-1320
G-25 Peik 624-4331
Head Coach Jenny Hansen 624-7848
Associate Head Coach Rich Stenger 625-6576
Assistant Coach Geralen Stack-Eaton  624-0514
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Mary Jo Brandt 624-4331
121 Mariucci 625-2886
Head Coach Don Lucia 625-2886
Assoc. Head Coach Mike Guentzel 625-2886
Assistant Coach Scott Bell 625-2886
Director of Operations Ben Gordon 624-6889
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Andrea Stakston 625-2886
290 BFAB 625-0188
Head Coach Brad Frost 625-0188
Associate Head Coach Joel Johnson 624-1015
Assistant Coach Bethany Brausen 625-7280
Director of Operations Greg Adrian 624-4859
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Cindi Linell 624-6533
290 BFAB   625-0188
Head Coach Wendy Davis 625-5588
Assistant Coach Cassie Drozynski 624-3508
Assistant Coach Claudia Herpertz 910-2985
Assistant Coach Chrissy Holm 625-0188
Assistant Program Director Tom Perry 625-0285
Executive Assistant Chris Howell 625-2372
Graduate Assistant Rachel Sartor  
260 BFAB 624-4331
Head Coach Stefanie Golan 624-4331
Associate Head Coach Krystle Seidel 624-4331
Assistant Coach Brad Swenby 624-4331
Director of Operations Sara Johnson 624-4331
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Mary Jo Brandt 624-4331
260 BFAB 626-5594
Head Coach Jamie Trachsel 626-5594
Associate Head Coach Cat Heifner 626-5594
Assistant Coach Piper Ritter 626-5594
Director of Operations Michael Kyllo-Kittleson 626-5594
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Mary Jo Brandt 624-4331
35 Aquatic Center   626-1320
Head Coach Kelly Kremer 625-0737
Senior Associate Head Coach Terry Ganley 624-6835
Associate Head Coach Gideon Louw 624-8904
Associate Head Coach Alicia Hicken-Franklin 626-1320
Assistant Coach Tyler Gerst 625-8637
Head Diving Coach Wenbo Chen 624-5874
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Shelley Slominski 626-1320
240 BFAB 625-1013
Head Coach Geoff Young 625-3880
Associate Head Coach Urban Ljubic 624-0829
Executive Administrative Specialist Mary Christensen-White 625-1013
293 BFAB 625-1013
Head Coach Catrina Thompson 624-8059
Assistant Coach Brian Ward 625-4860
Executive Administrative Specialist Cindi Linell 624-6533
240 BFAB   625-6063
Head Coach Steve Plasencia 625-6063
Associate Head Coach Paul Thornton 624-5700
Assistant Coach Matt Conly 626-1603
Director of Operations Zach Siegmeier 625-6063
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Jo Rider 625-6063
Intern   626-6072
290 BFAB 624-6533
Head Coach Matt Bingle 624-6533
Assistant Coach Peter Miller 624-6533
Assistant Coach Sarah Hopkins 624-6533
Director of Operations Lyndsey Thorpe 624-2576
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Cindi Linell 624-6533
Intern   626-6072
290 BFAB 624-6533
Head Coach Hugh McCutcheon 626-5788
Assistant Coach Laura Kasey 624-2889
Assistant Coach Matt Houk 624-6032
Director of Operations Nao Ikeda 624-4868
Assistant Director of Operations Alexandra Dunphy 624-6533
Exec. Ofc & Admin. Specialist Cindi Linell 624-6533
240 BFAB 625-1013
Head Coach Brandon Eggum 625-1013
Assistant Coach Luke Becker 626-2055
Assistant Coach Dustin Schlatter 625-3026
Volunteer Assistant Zach Sanders 625-3026
Director of Operations Jordan Kingsley 626-7697
Executive Administrative Specialist Mary Christensen-White 625-1013

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