South Carolina vs Minnesota (Aug 19, 2012)
  Soccer Box Score  
Soccer Box Score (Final)
2012 Minnesota Soccer
#24 South Carolina vs Minnesota (Aug 19, 2012 at St. Paul, Minn.)

South Carolina (0-1-1) vs.
Minnesota (1-1-0)
Date: Aug 19, 2012 Attendance: 653
Weather: 72 and perfect

Goals by period   OT  Total 
South Carolina 

South Carolina

Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
GK   35  Darien Vercillo  
F   2   Gabrielle Gilbert  
D   3   Caroline Gray  
MF   6   Samantha Gonzalez  
MF   7   Elizabeth Sinclair  
F   12  Danielle Au  
D   13  Christa Neary  
MF   18  Stevi Parker  
D   22  Dani Henry  
D   24  Taylor Leach  
F   28  Coryn Bajema  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  9   Carly Ray  
  14  Lani Smith  
  17  Abby Sams  
  21  Andie Romness  
  25  Alexa Gainey  
  26  Rae Wilson  

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
35  Darien Vercillo   96:26 
Pos  ##  Player  Sh  SOG   G   A 
GK   1   Parkhill, Cat  
F   3   Uhl, Taylor  
MF   5   Helverson, Haley  
MF   6   Thyken, Katie  
D   12  Price, Marissa  
F   13  Brandt, Steph  
MF   14  Bagnall, Olivia  
D   18  Strahota, Tamara  
D   22  Bauer, Lauren  
D   23  Misel, MacKenzie  
F   43  Wodnick, Taylor  
      --- Substitutes --- 
  7   Phillips, Allie  
  8   Arvesen, Ellie  
  20  Roberts, Becca  
    Totals.........  12 

##  Goalie  Minutes   GA  Saves 
1   Parkhill, Cat   96:26 
Shots by period   OT  Total 
South Carolina 
Minnesota  12 
Corner kicks   OT  Total 
South Carolina 
Saves by period   OT  Total 
South Carolina 
Goal  Time  Team  Goal Scorer  Assists  Description 
1.  1:27  MINN   Uhl, Taylor (2)  Thyken, Katie 
2.  44:59  SC   Lani Smith (1)  Rae Wilson 
3.  96:26  MINN   Helverson, Haley (1)  Phillips, Allie; Uhl, Taylor 


SC   #24  Taylor Leach   Yellow card  59:39 

Officials: Referee: Hidahet Tica; Asst. Referee: Matt Tiano; Jeff Braziunas; Alt. Official: Kip Jackson; Timekeeper: Ty Sosina; Scorer: Cory Hall;
Offsides: South Carolina 5, Minnesota 0.


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