Big Ten Honors

Big Ten Athletes of the Year

Big Ten Directors of Athletics approved a recommendation of the sports information directors to establish a Big Ten Athlete of the Year beginning in 1982. Indiana track performer Jim Spivey was the initial award winner. In 1983, the Directors of Athletics approved a separate athlete of the year award for women’s athletics. The Big Ten Athletes of the Year are selected by a panel of conference media members from nominations submitted by each institution.

Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year

John Roethlisberger John Roethlisberger
Jordan Leopold Jordan Leopold
Damion Hahn Damion Hahn
Cole Konrad Cole Konrad

Female Athlete of the Year

Gretchen Hegener Gretchen Hegener
Swimming & Diving
Amanda Kessel Amanda Kessel
Rachel Banham Rachel Banham

Big Ten Medal of Honor

One of the most prestigious conference awards in college athletics, the Big Ten Medal of Honor was first awarded in 1915 to one student-athlete from the graduating class of each university who had “attained the greatest proficiency in athletics and scholastic work.”

The 12 institutions of the Big Ten Conference feature more than 8,200 student-athletes and only 24 of those individuals are recognized each year with the Big Ten Medal of Honor.

The Big Ten Medal of Honor was the first award in intercollegiate athletics to demonstrate support for the educational emphasis placed on athletics.

It was acclaimed throughout the nation, and in particular by the NCAA “as one of the significant gestures yet made in college sports.” The Big Ten Medal of Honor was expanded in 1982 to include one female student-athlete from each institution. In 2014, the conference celebrates the 100th anniversary of this prestigious award.

Minnesota Receipients
1915 Boles A. Rosenthal, football/track & field
1916 Bernard W. Bierman, football, basketball/track & field
1917 Joseph M. Sprafka, football/track & field
1918 George W. Hauser, football/track & field
1919 Erling S. Platou, basketball/track & field
1920 Norman W. Kingsley, football/basketball/track & field
1921 Neal A. Arnston, football/basketball
1922 Arnold Oss, basketball/track & field/football
1923 Rudolph Hultkrans, basketball/football/track & field
1924 Earl Martineau, football/track & field
1925 Louis Gross, football/track & field
1926 Raymond F. Rasey, basketball/baseball
1927 Roger Wheeler, football/basketball
1928 Malvin J. Nydahl, baseball/football/basketball
1929 George E. MacKinnon, basketball/football/track & field
1930 Robert Tanner, football/basketball/baseball
1931 Lowell Marsh, swimming & diving
1932 Earl W. Loose, basketball/baseball
1933 Kenneth Gay, football/baseball
1934 Marshall Wells, football
1935 Robert Tanner, football
1936 Glenn Seidel, football/hockey
1937 Charles "Bud" Wilkinson, football/hockey/golf
1938 Dominic Krezowski, track & field/football
1939 John A. Kundla, basketball/baseball
1940 Harold Van Every, football/basketball
1941 George Franck, football/track & field
1942 Eugene Flick, football/baseball
1943 Christie Geankoplis, tennis
1944 Stuart A. Olson, baseball
1945 Arnold Lehrman, baseball/basketball
1946 John Adams, tennis/hockey
1947 Robert Sandberg, football
1948 Steve Silianoff, football
1949 James B. Peterson, gymnastics/track & field
1950 Richard S. Kilty, track & field/cross country
1951 Myer U. Skoog, basketball
1952 Richard K. Means, basketball/tennis
1953 Robert D. Gelle, basketball/football
1954 Paul R. Giel, football/baseball
1955 Charles J. Mencel, basketball
1956 Darrell R. Cochran, baseball/football
1957 Robert D. Hobert, football
1958 John W. McCartan, hockey/baseball
1959 Perry Gehring, football
1960 Orville Peterson, swimming & diving
1961 Robert J. Schwarzkopf, gymnastics
1962 James A. Fischer, track & field
1963 Robert J. Bateman, basketball
1964 Arthur (Bill) Davis, baseball/basketball
1965 Walter P. Richardson, swimming & diving
1966 Paul T. Faust, football
1967 Thomas G. Heinonen, track & field/cross country
1968 Gary A. Gambucci, hockey
1969 Noel C. Jenke, football/hockey/baseball
1970 David A. Cosgrove, baseball
1971 Wally Olds, hockey
1972 Craig Lincoln, swimming & diving
1973 James T. Brewer, basketball
1974 Garry Bjorklund, cross country/track & field
1975 Michael T. Polich, hockey
1976 Jeffrey N. LaFleur, gymnastics
1977 Tony Dungy, football
1978 Timothy J. LaFleur, gymnastics
1979 Bill Baker, hockey
1980 Dan Zilverberg, wrestling
1981 Thomas Lehman, golf
1982 Brian Meeker, gymnastics
  Chris Curry-Gentz, swimming & diving
1983 Randy Breuer, basketball
  Jill Halsted, volleyball
1984 Joey Ray, gymnastics
  Nancy Harris, golf
1985 Dave Morrison, track & field/cross country
  Jocelyn Smith, golf
1986 Ron Backes, track & field
  Jody Eder, cross country/track & field
1987 Collin Godkin, gymnastics
  Sue Roell, swimming & diving
1988 Paul Gisselquist, cross country/track & field
  Rochele Goetz, volleyball
1989 Mike Zechmeister, swimming & diving
  Kate Hughes, golf
1990 Chuck Heise, wrestling
  Marie Roethlisberger, gymnastics
1991 Marty Morgan, wrestling
  Rachel Lewis, track & field
1992 Scott Tripps, swimming & diving
  Uta Herrmann, swimming & diving
1993 John Roethlisberger, gymnastics
  Laura Herman, swimming & diving
1994 Martin Eriksson, track & field
  Carol Ann Shudick, basketball
1995 Brian Yee, gymnastics
  Kara Martin, swimming & diving
1996 Bernie Zeruhn, swimming & diving
  Lori Townsend, track & field
1997 Matt Schlessman, swimming & diving
  Katrien DeDecker, volleyball
1998 Brandon Paulson, wrestling
  Jennifer McElmury, soccer
1999 Tim Hartung, wrestling
  Shannon Beeler, softball
2000 Brandon Eggum, wrestling
  Terri Jashinsky, swimming & diving
2001 Ben Hamilton, football
  Aubrey Schmitt, track & field
2002 Owen Elzen, wrestling
  Lindsey Berg, volleyball
2003 Jared Lawrence, wrestling
  Shani Marks, track & field
2004 Adam Steele, track & field
  Cassie Busse, volleyball
2005 Guillermo Alvarez, gymnastics
  Lindsey Taatjes, volleyball
2006 Greg Eslinger, football
  Laura Johnson, gymnastics
2007 Matt Spaeth, football
  Emily Brown, cross country/track & field
2008 C.P. Schlatter, wrestling
  Liz Podominick, track and field
2009 Matthew Nohelty, baseball
  Jenny Shaughnessy, swimming & diving
2010 Jayson Ness, wrestling
  Heather Dorniden, track & field
2011 Mike Thorn, wrestling
  Kaylee Jamison, swimming & diving
2012 David Pachuta, track & field
  Anne Schleper, ice hockey
2013 Quentin Mege, track & field
  Noora Räty, ice hockey
2014 Derek Toomey, swimming & diving
  Sara Moulton, softball
2015 Kyle Rau, ice hockey
  Jessica Plant, swimming & diving
2016 Aaron Bartnik, track & field
  Hannah Brandt, ice hockey
2017 Tyler Sheehy, ice hockey
  Sarah Wilhite, volleyball

Outstanding Sportsmanship Award Winners

Beginning in 2003, the conference instituted the Big Ten Sportsmanship Awards. One member of each varsity sports team on every campus is nominated by the institution and two Outstanding Sportsmanship Award winners are selected from each school. The student-athletes chosen shall be individuals who have distinguished themselves through sportsmanship and ethical behavior. In addition, the student-athletes must be in good academic standing and must have demonstrated good citizenship outside of the sports-competition setting.

Minnesota Recipients
2003 C.J. Woodrow, baseball
  Lindsay Whalen, basketball
2004 Ben Johnson, basketball
  Lindsay Whalen, basketball
2005 Brent Lawson, basketball
  Sarah Hesser, track & field
2006 Adam Boone, basketball
  Chelsey Brodt, ice hockey
2007 Matt Spaeth, football
  Danielle Mousseau, tennis
2008 Amir Pinnix, football
  Kelly Roysland, volleyball
2009 Jamal Abu-Shamala, basketball
  Ladia Albertson-Junkans, track & field
2010 Jayson Ness, wrestling
  Gabriele Anderson, track & field
2011 Blake Hoffarber, basketball
  Dannie Skrove, softball
2012 Taylor Matson, ice hockey
  Anne Schleper, ice hockey
2013 Andre Hollins, basketball
  Allie Phillips, soccer
2014 Nate Condon, ice hockey
  Hannah Brandt, ice hockey
2015 Cedric Thompson, football
  Kate Bucknam, cross country
2016 Joey King, basketball
  Paige Palkovich, softball
2017 Bakary Konate, basketball
  Temi Ogunrinde, track & field



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