Medical Services Information

The University of Minnesota Athletic Medicine Unit includes a team of physicians who are Orthopaedic Surgeons and Primary Care - Sports Medicine Physicians. We have 20 Certified Athletic Trainers that are assigned to specific teams. Together we manage the health care needs of all the student-athletes. Our consultants include specialized orthopaedic surgeons, dentists, physical therapists, registered dietitians, Licensed Psychologists, Certified Sports Psychologists and a whole host of sub-specialists within the University of Minnesota Physicians organization.

It is our policy to financially cover only athletic related medical expenses. Athletic related medical expenses are defined as those medical expenses occurring while a student-athlete is representing the University of Minnesota in a formal intercollegiate activity, which is supervised by a University of Minnesota coach. Expenses due to any other injury/illness are not covered by the University of Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Department and are the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.

All health related problems and questions should be initially referred to the Certified Athletic Trainer specific to the student-athlete's sport as soon as possible. The Certified Athletic Trainer will make an evaluation and take the appropriate action of treatment and rehabilitation, and/or referral to the appropriate physician or medical facility.

Pre-Existing Conditions
Any chronic or recurrent injury which was sustained prior to or outside of participation in athletics at the University of Minnesota is considered a pre-existing condition and medical expenses will not be covered by the University of Minnesota Department of Athletics.

Second Opinions
All student-athletes must be seen and evaluated by a University of Minnesota Certified Athletic Trainer before a referral to a physician will be made. The Certified Athletic Trainer or University of Minnesota Team Physician must authorize and properly refer all student-athletes to see a physician or medical consultant, and/or order diagnostic tests. If a student-athlete decides to see a physician or undergo a diagnostic test without prior authorization/referral from University of Minnesota Athletic Medicine personnel, the student-athlete will be financially responsible for any and all medical bills incurred.


In order for the Athletic Department to assume financial responsibility for any emergency room visit, all of the following criteria must be met:

  1. The injury is defined as athletic related.
  2. Bierman Clinic and/or Boynton Health Service are closed.
  3. The Athletic Medicine Staff is aware of the incident, or is made aware by the student-athlete contacting the team's Certified Athletic Trainer as soon as possible following the incident.
  4. The student-athlete reports to the Certified Athletic Trainer as soon as possible following the incident for appropriate follow up care.

If the previous criteria are met, the athletic department will pay deductible costs or remaining claim expenses after they are first filed with the student-athlete's personal health plan. Emergency room charges that do not meet these guidelines will become the sole responsibility of the student-athlete for payment of all charges.

The University of Minnesota requires immunization record to be on file with Boynton Health Service in accordance with Minnesota State Law. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain his/her immunization record and submit it to Boynton Health Services. You can find more information and the form by following this link: Failure to complete this may result in a hold being placed on the student's account and they will be unable to register for classes until the form has been submitted. This form is for incoming student-athletes only.

Routine dental care is available on campus and the student-athlete should request information from the sport-specific Certified Athletic Trainer. Routine dental care such as exams, cleanings, dental cavities, wisdom teeth extraction, etc., is the financial responsibility of each individual student-athlete.

All dental injuries are to be reported to the Certified Athletic Trainer assigned to their sport during that practice or contest, or immediately thereafter. All dental injury claims are filed first through the student-athlete's dental and/or health plans. It is our policy to financially cover only athletic related dental injuries.

All eyewear used in athletic activities must be safety glasses with shatterproof lenses and frames or appropriate to the sport. Eye exams are covered by Boynton Health Service, as long as the student is enrolled in 6+ credits in the fall and spring or 3+ credits during the summer sessions, and is paying student service fees. One-half of the expense for contact lenses will be purchased for those student-athletes who need visual correction in order to participate in their sport. A form is filled out by the Certified Athletic Trainer and given to the student-athlete. The student-athlete will be required to order/purchase the contact lenses through Boynton Health Service. The student-athlete will present the form and pay for their half of the contact lenses at the time of pick up. Intercollegiate Athletics should receive the bill for the other half but if you should receive the bill please forward to the Insurance Coordinator as soon as possible. Also, replacement of lost lenses and glasses will be furnished by the Athletic Department only if they are lost or damaged during practice or a game. The loss or breakage of lenses must be reported immediately.

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