Incoming Student-Athletes

May 1, 2017

Dear Incoming/Transfer Student-Athletes and Parents,

Welcome to the University of Minnesota! The Athletic Medicine Unit is committed to providing our student-athletes with the best possible medical coverage. Please take the time to review all the information about our exceptional Athletic Medicine staff and our procedures and policies regarding athletic injuries and medical insurance. Also be sure to review the information regarding the University's insurance requirements.  We are always available to assist student-athletes and parents with any questions pertaining to medical services and insurance requirements.

Pre-Participation Process

Before any student-athlete is permitted to practice or compete with a University of Minnesota Team, they must be medically evaluated and cleared by a University of Minnesota Team Physician. The following forms are necessary to initiate the medical clearance process.  These forms are to be printed and completed (clicking on the name of the form will take you to the form):

Please send these completed forms to us for processing on or before August 1, 2017

Mail completed forms to:
Bierman Athletic Medicine
516-15th Ave. SE, Room 190
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Once these forms have been sent, please contact your sport specific Certified Athletic Trainer to arrange a pre-participation physical exam with one of our team physicians.

Medical bills

In the event of an athletic related injury, all medical bills will be paid through a coordination of benefits with the student-athlete's private insurance acting as primary coverage. The University of Minnesota is only responsible for the balance on athletically-related injuries. We will manage and facilitate medical care for some non-athletic related issues, but we do not financially cover pre-existing or non-athletic related injuries or conditions. For example, medications or office visits for any pre-existing condition (i.e. asthma, eating disorders, etc.) are not covered by the University of Minnesota. We will not be liable for these services. In these cases, the parents/guardians will be responsible for the balance once the primary insurance has paid.

We encourage you to discuss your insurance policy's coverage with your son/daughter prior to the start of the year and provide them with an updated insurance card to carry with them at all times. In December, an e-mail will be sent to your child asking if there have been any changes in their insurance. We will ask them to forward the e-mail to you. Please respond to this e-mail only if there has been or will be a change in your insurance/policy coverage.

Please read through the information provided and feel free to contact either of us if you have questions or desire clarification on any of the forms. We wish you a happy, healthy and successful year!


Joi Thomas, MS ATC
Associate AD for Health & Performance
University of Minnesota
Office #: (612) 624-5084
Fax#: (612) 626-4789

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