Commonly Asked Questions

What expenses can be paid by the Athletic Department?

After primary and secondary insurances have processed the claim and paid, the U of M Department of Athletics will pay any additional athletic related medical expenses for preapproved care and treatment.

What is an athletic related medical expense?

Athletic related medical expenses are defined as those medical expenses occurring while a student-athlete is representing the University of Minnesota in a formal intercollegiate activity, which is supervised by a University of Minnesota coach.  Expenses due to any other injury/illness are not covered by the University of Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Department and are the financial responsibility of the student-athlete.

When will the University of Minnesota Department of Athletics pay the bills?

AFTER your group or personal health plan (and secondary health plan and/or health savings accounts when available) has processed the claim, the University of Minnesota Department of Athletics will pay balances due for athletic related medical expenses (including deductibles and copayments).

How will I know if and how my health plan made payments?

When your health plan has processed a claim for medical expenses, you will be sent an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) which will define exactly how the claim was calculated and to whom payment was made. IMPORTANT: do not throw the EOB away.

What should I do with the EOB I receive from my health plan?

ALWAYS forward a copy to us at the address below.  The insurance coordinator will make payment of any approved medical expenses direct to the health care provider.

What do I do if I receive a bill for medical services for an athletic injury?

Forward the bill immediately to the insurance coordinator in the Athletic Medicine Department.  Our department will review the bill in question and consider it for immediate payment or request that the health care provider file a claim with your personal or group health plan.

What should I do if I receive a check with my EOB?

If you receive a check from your health plan, and you have not made payment directly to your provider, you can assume the provider has not been paid.  You should forward the check to your provider immediately.  Please keep in mind the University of Minnesota Department of Athletics will make payments based upon the information supplied by the insurance company. We will not pay the provider for any amounts you received from your insurance company.

What type of documents should I forward to the Department of Athletics Insurance Coordinator?

For athletic related medical expenses, any bills, statements, EOBs or other documents received from a provider or your insurance company should be forwarded to the Insurance Coordinator immediately.  You can also send documents to the Insurance Coordinator if you are unsure about coverage.  They will be reviewed and you will be contacted if you are responsible for payment. If the Department of Athletics will be responsible for payment, the Insurance Coordinator will request the required documentation.

Do I need to update my insurance information with the Department of Athletics yearly and provide a copy of the front and back of my current insurance card?

Yes.  The University of Minnesota requires that all students carry usable insurance.  In addition, any changes to your insurance during the school year should be communicated to the Insurance Coordinator.

Please feel free to contact the Interim Insurance Coordinator if you have any questions.

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