Laura Docherty wins Intrasquad Race

Sept. 1, 2012

The Golden Gophers had their first test of the season, running the annual Intrasquad Meet at the Les Bolstad Course. Junior Laura Docherty was the top finisher in the race, finishing in 18:23.27. Sophomore Molly Kayfes was the runner up, finishing in 18:50.68, followed by junior Katie Moraczewski, who clocked in at 18:55.64.

The team stayed pretty packed up through the first kilometer, and then people started racing a little more from there. In the second kilometer, Docherty and Moraczewski started pulling away a bit and the pack behind then worked well together to keep them in contact. Molly Kayfes moved up in the third kilometer, and then the pack closed the gap through the next two kilometers.

"We were pleased with today," said associate head coach Sarah Hesser. "Every year the first hard effort is different. Every week people will learn where they belong and what their strengths are to help the team. Laura Docherty obviously ran great, but we were very pleased with everyone in the top 15. We had 2 freshman in the top 5 and a very small gap from 2-9, which is very encouraging. This group will learn a lot every race and this is just the first step in the long journey until Thanksgiving."

The Gophers begin the regular season next weekend with a home competition. The Oz Memorial Run will take place at the Les Bolstad Course on Friday, Sept. 7 at 4:30 p.m.

Full results:

1. Laura Docherty, 18:23.27
2. Molly Kayfes, 18:50.68
3. Katie Moraczewski, 18:55.64
4. Liz Berkholtz, 19:01.00
5. Jamie Piepenburg, 19:01.84
6. Rachel Drake, 19:05.76
7. Maggie Bollig, 19:06.12
8. Ashlie Decker, 19:06.37
9. Missa Varpness, 19:17.33
10. Jamie Vandenberg, 19:34.39
11. Kelli Budd, 19:39.60
12. Rebecca Rethwisch 19:42.82
13. Annie Talajkowski, 19:46.46
14. Cassy Opitz, 20:00.50
15. Steph Solfelt, 20:03.13
16. Kathryn Ritter, 20:07.85
17. Heather Brunn, 20:13.64
18. Jessica Schmidt, 20:14.74
19. Haley Johnson, 20:15.38
20. Kate Bucknam, 20:26.38
21. Kait Mincke, 20:27.59
22. Katie Hill, 20:33.06
23. Paige Orcutt, 20:52.35
24. Melissa Cabak, 21:00.60
25. Kaila Urick, 21:10.32
26. Jillian Johnson, 21:15.79
27. Morgan Sickels, 21:18.95
28. Hannah Trasser, 21:22.31
29. Becca Gusmer, 21:24.41
30. Abby Anderson, 21:27.38
31. Rachel Edwards, 21:29.11
32. Taylor Mikkalson, 21:32.21
33. Caitlin Dillon, 21:35.55
34. Anne Ferguson, 21:41.51
35. Stacey Swatek, 21:43.74
36. Chelsea Pettit, 21:48.15
37. Alexandra Brackenwagen, 22:06.34
38. Lauren Domski, 22:12.56
39. Marie Muscala, 22:17.91
40. Megan Bailey, 22:20.11
41. Andie Zeman, 22:28.32
42. Caitlin Olson, 23:09.63




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