Grunewald Continues to Inspire
July 18, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS - University of Minnesota alumna Gabriele Grunewald's inspiring journey as a professional runner and cancer survivor has garnered significant media coverage this spring and summer.

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Do you want the good news first or the bad news? Don't you hate that question? All I want is the good news, always. . Well the good news is that my summer of chemo, after two rounds, is over! Never thought I'd have to retire #chemorunners so early, but I'm done with chemo because of the "bad news," or what I've come to consider in my unique cancer world, simply "news." I didn't respond to chemo. At all. In fact, my cancer grew a bit and I think there is a new tumor or two. Yikes. We knew chemo was far from a silver bullet for patients with ACC mets but there is always hope that your specific case will be different. I've found that one of the hardest parts of dealing with an ongoing cancer battle is building up all of your hope in a specific treatment or course of action and having that balloon of hope deflate pretty quickly... and then having to blow up another balloon all over again. 🎈 It's exhausting. But it's essential. If you have metastatic cancer you are living life on the edge, praying for a breakthrough. On the road to finding a treatment that works for you, you're probably going to fail a treatment (or quite a few treatments!) along the way. That doesn't mean you're out of the race. You just have to brush yourself off and keep running. The race we're in doesn't have a finish line or a course map. You're just running toward what you can see -- the steps directly in front of you. The rest will reveal itself in time. 🎈🏃‍♀️ . The other good news is that even though I'm well off the beaten path of cancer treatments, there are still cancer centers and researchers working on new options. This is a huge blessing! For me, the next step will be enrolling in an immunotherapy trial (Hi #immunotherapyrunners!) @sloankettering and yes, hoping for the best (a miracle?) that I will respond and we can start getting this recurrence under control. There are still liver-directed therapies that could be helpful for me at some point, but I'm now fully under the care of Dr. Ho are we are still `in it to win it' -- not giving up on the idea that we can treat and control the disease itself, rather than just manage the tumors. . (Post continued in comments below.) . 📸: @urimiscott

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