Gopher Spotlight: Sophomore Morgan Bohl
Sophomore Morgan Bohl

Sept. 18, 2012

Morgan Bohl is in her sophomore season at the University of Minnesota. A Centennial, Colo., native, Bohl sat out her freshman season due to a pre-existing knee injury she suffered in high school. With Eaglecrest High School, Bohl was named an Under Armor Second Team All-American her senior year and a 2010 Denver Post All-Colorado Team selection. Here’s a short question/answer session from the outside hitter/defensive specialist.

Q: Tell me about your recruitment process. Coming all the way from Colorado, what made you decide to come to Minnesota?
A: I started playing club volleyball when I was10 years old at Front Range in Colorado. When I was a sophomore and junior in high school, colleges started looking at me. I was always interested in going to Minnesota, but I never thought I had a chance of actually going here. Then, they started talking to me and I knew right away I wanted to go to school here and play. When I did eventually come to Minnesota on a visit, I just felt it was really a home away from home. I loved it here. I loved the atmosphere, the coaches, the players, and it actually reminds me a lot of Colorado when I am here. I just knew the minute I came here that I wanted to go here. There was a couple Division I schools in California and some in Colorado that were looking at me, but I wanted to go out of state, and when Minnesota started talking to me, I just knew I wanted to play for them.

Q: What are some Minnesota traditions and cultural aspects that you have noticed thus far that are different from that of Colorado?
A: I have noticed the ‘Minnesota Nice’ a little bit since being here, but other than that there has not really been anything too different from Colorado. Like I said, it actually reminds me of home in Colorado when I am here.

Q: Missing the fall season last year to injury, explain how you were able to be a support system to your teammates. Why for you was it important to be a team player without actually ever getting on the court?
A: No one ever wants to have an injury, but you can never let that stop you from what you have always wanted to do. It is always tough being on the sidelines, but just like coming in and rehabbing my knee and still supporting my team, being there if my teammates ever needed anything or if I see something on the bench that someone on the floor in a game does not recognize I would help them with that. I think that it is still important even though you are hurt to still be there for your team, and be there for everyone.

Q: Luckily you were able to get healthy in time for spring volleyball. What was your physical therapy routine that prepared you for the spring?
A: I would come in everyday and just do a couple different knee exercises and rehab. I worked a lot with our athletic trainer Ronni and Sarah Wiley our strength coach to get a program to get my strength back in my knee since I lost a lot of muscle in my leg. Also just getting back into shape. Losing weight, doing cardio, and eating healthy is important because some do not realize how active you are how much with volleyball. When you are not active you can tell when you are not eating healthy and exercising, so I had to start getting into that routine and exercising more to stay and get fit. This summer I did the same the other players did, but in the weight room I had a couple of special exercises that was for my knee.

Q: You played in the spring. What was your first experience like out there?
A: It was perfect. At first it was a little nerve racking because you start getting those doubtful thoughts of ‘am I going to be good and be able to work though all my struggles?’ But spring got the team really prepared, so when we finally had our tournament it was just so good to be on the court again and makes you realize how much you love the sport.”

Q: This year there are players from all over the country on the team. How has it been combining different styles of play, along with the different style of play that Coach McCutcheon brought to the table as well?
A: I think that everyone has taken the transition really well. The chemistry with this team is really good and the freshman fit in with the team really well. Everyone has really adapted really well.”




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