Catching Up with Molly Kayfes
Molly Kayfes

Feb. 13, 2013

Following a cross country season in which she was the team’s No. 1 finisher at the NCAA Championships, Molly Kayfes has had a good indoor season so far on the track. Last weekend at the Iowa State Classic, she ran her way to the fourth spot on the Gophers’ all-time top-10 list with a time of 16:31.47 in the 5,000 meters. Kayfes took some time to talk about her recent race, running in the cold and more.

GopherSports: Talk about your 5,000m race at Iowa State.
Molly Kayfes: It was a fun race. I was excited. I had never done an indoor 5K. I did one outdoors last year at Big Tens, so I was excited. (Laura Docherty) and I have been working together a lot during workouts. We knew there was good competition in the race, because it was like the national champs from cross. So we knew there was going to be good competition and we didn’t want to get sucked into that. From the beginning, we were in the back. We knew we had to start out smart. It was a great plan because we just worked our way up and ended up with PRs for both of us. I think we worked well together and pushed each other to get there. It was fun.

GS: You and Doc have been the top two all through cross country and indoor track this year. What is it like running with her?
MK: It’s been really fun. We work together. It’s not about who’s going to be first. We don’t think about that at all. It’s more like, if one of us goes, try your best to go with them. That’s the only way we’re going to get better. I feel like what we have going on right now is working really well. We work well together with it in a positive way rather than how others could be negative with it.

GS: The indoor season is so short. You have only had a chance to run one mile, one 3K and one 5K so far.
MK: It does go by really fast. It’s kind of like a foundation for outdoors, because outdoor is a little longer, but it still does go by fast. They always say, “You can’t really blink in indoors, because if you blink the season’s over.” You need to focus on each race. Big Tens is really what it comes down to, obviously.



GS: How much do you think that your cross country season carried over into indoor track?
MK: I think it definitely carries over, building the confidence throughout the season, realizing the potential and just having all that mileage, too. We get a little break and then we get into the mileage again. It just keeps setting the foundation for the next season and building off that and improving from the past seasons.

GS: Indoor season starts in the middle of winter. What is it like going for practice runs outside in the cold weather?
MK: I hate the cold weather, but I refuse to run on the treadmills, so I just layer up. We had to do one workout on the treadmill and I just did not like that. Yeah, it’s cold, but I still would rather be outside. I know Liz Berkholtz loves the treadmill. Well, she doesn’t love it, but if it’s cold she’ll be in there. It can be brutal sometimes, but we tough it out.

GS: What are some of your favorite events to watch and cheer for when you are not racing?
MK: Of course, I love watching the mile and the 3K, my other distance teammates. There are some events I know so well but I love to watch. I love watching Melissa Flucke on the high jump, and pole vaulting’s a fun one, too.

GS: What are some things you like to do in your free time outside of track and cross country?
MK: I like to do yoga, and I like to go shopping and just hang out with friends, and just relax and not do homework.

GS: How is the semester going for you, and what kind of classes are you taking?
MK: I don’t have as busy of a credit load, but it’s still been busy because I’m currently looking for an internship. My major is marketing, so a lot of my classes are marketing-based. One of them that’s fun is called a marketing promotions class. The instructor is a really great guy and makes the class fun and tells us about his experiences.

GS: What are some of your favorite songs right now?
MK: I’m normally just singing whatever I hear on Pandora. I heard “Sweet Caroline” the other day. I know it’s an oldie, but I was jamming to that before the race. Kind of just random.

GS: What are some of your recommended meals for the night before a big race?
MK: We usually go somewhere Italian or get some pasta. I’ll usually do that. Sometimes we’ll have steak because we need our iron.


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