2014 Season Blog #9: Jessika Mozia
Jessika Mozia

March 30, 2014

Last weekend was a big one for the Gopher Women's Tennis Team. We rolled through the No. 65-ranked Hawkeyes and we stripped the husk from the Cornhuskers.

We started our weekend off right with a 6-1 win over one of our border rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes. We gained a lead at 1-0, winning the doubles point thanks to second and third doubles. Aria and Paula were quick to jump out the gate with an 8-2 win over the Hawkeyes at three doubles.

After the doubles point was decided, we battled it out in singles. Each match was filled with blood, sweat, and tears. There was an immense amount of intensity on each court. Everyone was battling. Setting the tone for the Gophers in singles was Julia Courter at the fourth position. She had a quick 6-3, 6-2 win over Annette Dohanics, putting another point up on the board for the Gophers. However, the Hawkeyes did not let that phase them and continued to battle, which resulted in a point for them, coming from a win at number one singles.

However, what the Hawkeyes did not know was that was the only point they were going to get. Aria defeated Ellen Silver, and Paula clinched the match with a three set win. Even though we knew that they had won the match, we wanted to keep going to see how many matches we could win against the Hawkeyes. Tash and I came back from being down a set. Tash left it all out on the court with a great win at the number two singles spot. Also, I had a great win at the number three singles spot, saving two match points and coming from behind.

Being hyped up from our Iowa win, we traveled to Nebraska to face the Cornhuskers. Due to their collapsed bubble, we played at a local racket club that had three courts. We drew numbers out of a hat to determine the order of singles. Everyone was going stare crazy in the racket club and was starving because we haven't eaten since 7:45 in the morning and it just so happened that everyone had to play because the match was not determined yet.

It was a six-hour match. I was the last match to go on and was crunched with time. I went on around 2 and our flight was at 5. At this point we just needed one more match to win. Aria and I were the only two playing. I clinched the win for our team.



By the time my match was over it was 4:00. We all sprinted to the cars, and drove off. Coach Merzbacher left before Coach Taney did. She put the car in reverse when it wasn't even on, causing us to roll forward and fear for our lives. We finally started the car and realized that Coach had already left and had no idea where to go. We Googled the airport but three different ones came up.

We left it up to faith and drove in the direction of our hotel and ran into Coach, so we were back on track. When we got to the airport it was around 4:20 and the worker wouldn't let us check in our bags because we did not have our coach with us. We only had nine minutes before the system locked down and we couldn't check bags.

It was really a time crunch. However, in less than two minutes we got everything worked out and got our bags checked. We then all sprinted up to security and ran to our gate only to realize that we haven't even started boarding yet. It was a real struggle, but we made it.

We truly sweated maroon and gold in our matches and during our high anxiety rush to the airport to head back to the Twin Cities. But, Hey! At least we can call ourselves winners at the end of it all and say we are Minnesota Tough!


Women's Tennis Signs State Champion

Women's Tennis Signs State Champion

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The University of Minnesota women’s tennis program was able to sign Isabella Lambert of Minneapolis, Minn. to the class of 2022, head coach Catrina Thompson announced Friday.

Gophers Tripped Up on Final Day in Hanover

Gophers Tripped Up on Final Day in Hanover

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The Minnesota Gopher women's tennis team won two out of six singles matches, and two out of three doubles matches Sunday, and fell to Yale on the last day of the Big Green Invitational.

Minnesota Edges Dartmouth in Hanover

Minnesota Edges Dartmouth in Hanover

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Minnesota edged out Dartmouth by splitting the eight singles matches and winning three of the four doubles pairings.

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