2014 Season Blog #6: Natallia Pintusava
Pintusava clinched the win with a victory at No. 2 singles.

March 6, 2014

Hello Gopher Fans,

The last weekend we had a tough fight against Wisconsin. The Badgers did not have their whole crew (they had only five players in the lineup), so our task was seemingly easy: win one doubles and two singles in order to win the overall match. Nonetheless, things are not always as easy as they seem to be.

Right from the first points in the doubles, the fight started. Nothing was given to us for free, so we had to bring our best tennis and great fortitude to earn the doubles point. Second doubles fared better than the first doubles and used its opportunity to clinch the first point of the match.

With the doubles point in our pockets and the point that Minnesota got because of inability of Wisconsin's six player to play, we were confident going into our singles. The 2-0 lead meant that we needed to win at least two matches out of five to win the overall match. However, our confidence was disturbed right at the beginning of every match. None of us was able to win first set. In fact, we had almost no chances in our first sets. It looked like the Badgers had nothing to lose and they fought as nothing was able to stop them.

In the second sets we all were able to come back, but for some of us, it was too late. With an overall score of 3-2 for the Badgers, it all came down No. 2 and No. 4 singles. The fight was hard, but our team spirit and desire to win was the driving force that made the win true.

In that match we were the team that battles no matter what. That day, we fought for each other and for our pride; we really showed what `Minnesota Tough' means.

There's no doubt that the win against Wisconsin is very important. However, we do have many more matches ahead of us. On the upcoming Saturday, March 8, we will be playing against Marquette. As always, we will be given an opportunity to fight for Minnesota and do great things for the program. 

We are thanking everybody who follows us and who supports us!  





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