Women's Tennis Blog: Pauline Gilbert
The Maroon and Gold will meet Mississippi State and Wisconsin on home turf this weekend.

Feb. 21, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

After a month on the road, many of us enjoyed playing at home. Traveling is always a great experience: playing new teams, discovering new schools, getting some sun and warm weather in the South… As DI athletes, while our schoolmates may be stuck in whatever class, we are very lucky to play the sport we love throughout the entire country. But let’s be honest, there is nothing like playing at home!

What do we like so much about home? Those little things that can actually make a huge difference. We love getting ready in our locker room where we can play music as loud as we want and get pumped up. We love warming up with our own playlist because, yes, we all have some “unique” favorite songs. Do you know any other school that we play “Fancy Footwork” for our little Freshy? I don’t think so! We love having our lovely trainer, Debbie, take care of us before and after the match. Once we get on the court, we are so ready to go big because the Gopher nation is there for use and so supportive!

And like our coach clearly said: “If you cut me, my blood will be maroon and gold!” Those colors mean so much to all of us! We are proud to wear maroon and gold every weekend but it is even better when we can also play on maroon and gold courts. And most of all, playing in front of our fans is the most important because it helps us keep in mind that we play for something that is so much bigger than ourselves or our team. We are playing for the Gopher nation!

Yes, this past weekend was a success and it was even more exciting for our little freshman Paulita. On Saturday, she was finally able to compete for us and the smile on her face was priceless because, believe me, that girl loves the competition and loves tennis! After counting down the days since Christmas break, D-Day has come for us and she totally showed everyone that she was born to be a Gopher!



But this is not it! One of our seniors celebrated her birthday on the court as well. No one really knows how old she is now: somewhere between 29 and 30 years. After you turn 25, it becomes too tiring to count and add some more years so I gave up. And yes, Dizzle had a great birthday!

Thank you everyone for coming and we cannot wait to see you all next weekend for the battle of the border!!! Oh yeaaaaaaah this is getting REALLY personal!!

Gophers all the way!


PS: The following video should get you pumped up for next weekend!


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