Women's Tennis Blog: Tereza Brichacova
Tereza Brichacova and the rest of the Gophers return home this weekend for a doubleheader at Baseline Tennis Center.

Feb. 14, 2013

Many people would assume that we, as tennis players, just chase balls from one corner of a court to another. However, as we learned this weekend, tennis courts are not the only place where we can show our running talent. Our conditioning work during the fall came in handy on Sunday night, when, due to bad weather, our plane from Oklahoma had a little delay.

We were worried about our connecting flight from Atlanta back home to Minneapolis. We successfully landed, but we got only about 10 minutes to get through the whole Atlanta’s airport to our next gate. We sent our best sprinter Pauline Gilbert ahead to keep the gate open for us. The rest of us just tried our best and ran as fast as we could with all of our backpacks and tennis rackets. I’m telling you, the Atlanta airport is freaking big! Even with the help of the train between concourses, our first attempt to find the gate was unsuccessful and we had to go back and find another way. Two minutes after we came up to the gate, the plane’s door closed. We were catching our breaths for another 15 minutes, taking off all of the layers we had on and turning the heat off. Nobody expected that workout for sure.

Running around airport was not the only thing we did this past weekend. We played against Oklahoma State on Saturday and against Oklahoma on Sunday. We fought hard on every spot, but only Aria Lambert was able to reach a point after winning her match against Oklahoma. It is tough to lose but we got new experience and we definitely know what to work on to get better. As Billie Jean King once said, “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” We truly believe that the right time is coming for us and we are going to do great and prove it to you!



We are coming back to our home courts this Saturday! We will be playing Northern Iowa and Carleton. Matches start at 2pm and 6.30pm. It is going to be very exciting for the girls on the team and for spectators as well. Come and support us as well as you can, no excuses will be accepted!

See you all at Baseline Tennis Center!


Here is another song from our warm-up playlist. It's by Swedish House Mafia, which I chose in honor of our senior, Doron Muravnik, who has birthday on Saturday!


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