2014 Season Blog #3: Tereza Brichacova
Brichacova is 5-1 in singles this season.

Feb. 7, 2014

2014 Schedule | Recap: Gophers Suffer First Setback Against WSU | Recap: Gophers Bounce Back With 7-0 Victory

The Gophers Women's basketball team hit the road, going all the way to Montana this past weekend. Did I say basketball? I meant the Gophers Women's TENNIS Team, obviously. It seemed that the citizens of Missoula either have never seen a women's basketball because there was more than one situation when people thought of us as players of other sports than tennis. At one point, some 12-year-old girls asked us if we were cheerleaders (can you imagine Aria Lambert with pompoms? Yeah, me neither). Apparently Montana doesn't have only a different nature but also a different thinking than Minnesota.

It was exciting to see the mountains; we got a few opportunities to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful view.

But then we got back to business! The team faced Washington State on Saturday morning. We were ready to go and be "Minnesota tough" as usual, but our opponent got a few more points. That means that we unfortunately suffered our first loss of the spring season. The 4-3 score is maybe the worst of all the possible scores, and when we consider that the girls played three matches in deciding super-tiebreakers, it is hard to take the L.



The team bounced successfully back on Sunday morning with the 7-0 win! Montana was not an easy opponent, but we showed them how we do it in Minnesota. Girls were competing hard in front of Missoula's crowd that came to watch. We didn't mind the audience; Minnesota with its lone fan (Alex, thank you) got all needed points.  After this match we could be relaxed again and add other W to our statistics.

Talking about statistics, let me point out a couple of things. We have a great record in doubles so far, 16-0. Some of the girls are 6-0 (big applause to Paula Rincon Otero!) and are now 5-1 in singles.

This shows how dedicated the team is and that it is on the good way to accomplish big things this season.

If you want to see the dedication live, there is only one way to do it. Come and cheer for us the next weekend as we take on Oklahoma State (February 14 at 5 p.m.) and Oregon (February 16 at 11 a.m.). These matches are going to be pretty intense, so our fans better be ready. And also where else should you spend your Valentine's Day other than the Baseline Tennis Center? 



Gophers Pick Up Two Wins


The University of Minnesota picked up their first two wins of the spring season by topping Northern Illinois University 7-0 and South Dakota State 7-0 Saturday at Baseline.

Gophers Start Dual Matches


The University of Minnesota women’s tennis team will begin their spring season Saturday with a 10 a.m. match versus Northern Illinois and a 5 p.m. match versus South Dakota State.

Gophers Finish Upper Midwest With 14 Wins


The final day of the Upper Midwest Intercollegiate at Baseline Tennis Center saw the University of Minnesota add three more singles wins and two doubles wins to their total.

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