Women's Tennis Blog: Emilie Renault
Emilie Renault and the Gophers are 2-4 to start the 2013 season.

Feb. 7, 2013

Here we are once again with a new spring season full of new matches, new experiences, and new challenges. We had a wonderful beginning to our season with a double-header win on our home courts which couldn’t have gone better. The past two weekends however have been on the road with Virginia having been our most recent destination.

Much like most of our trips, we often leave in the very early hours of Friday morning where everyone always has their headphones in waiting for any opportunity to resume sleeping. When the team travels away for a weekend, obviously our main focus is on our matches and making sure that we’re getting ready for them, but we also have a blast trying out new places to eat—or just places in general. Upon our arrival in Roanoke, Virginia, Coach Merz introduced us to the wonder that is Firehouse Subs. With half the team being international and a few of us being from the Midwest, we had never eaten at the franchise before, but boy was it good! It is definitely a place I recommend to eat at if you ever get the chance to come across one. Another new first—again all thanks to our coach—was a restaurant called Cracker Barrel which turned out to be quite delicious and satisfying.

Our first match was on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 against Louisville. We clinched the doubles point and tried fighting our way through singles. Across the board, all of the girls playing did whatever they could to end up on top, but the other team came out a little bit stronger. They did a great job of really being aggressive and taking control of opportunities so unfortunately we weren’t able to pull out a win.



Sunday morning we played Virginia Tech at 10 A.M. and tried to forget the previous day’s loss. The entire match was close right up until the very end. Unlike our first match, we didn’t manage to snag the doubles point, but we went out fighting during singles. Two matches went to three sets and the others well all very close. Even though we played well that match, we didn’t get the “W.”

What’s hard about a sport like tennis is that even though it is a team sport, it’s still very individual. Each person on court has the responsibility of getting a point for the team and sometimes losses can be taken personally. It’s not one person that loses it for the team, but it’s hard not to feel responsible for the team’s loss. What’s always important to remember however is: win as a team, lose as a team. Nobody likes losing of course, but we’re a team and as a team we get through losses so we can work harder to win the next matches, which is exactly what we tried to accomplish at practice this week. Matches are a learning process if you let them be. All week our team has worked on the things that the coaches had noticed during our matches that will prepare us for this upcoming weekend’s matches in Oklahoma.

Luckily for us, we’re all really looking forward to starting our weekend of travel a little bit later than the usual 5 a.m. departure time. We also cannot wait to play at home again in two weeks!


Song of the Week:  Part of our warm-up playlist…Gets our team fired up!

Just One Last Time by David Guetta


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