Meet the Newcomers: Patricia Van Law
Dec. 14, 2017 had the chance to talk to Minnesota women's swimming and diving freshman Patricia Van Law about her expereinces so far. The Highlands Rach, Colo. native currrently plans to major in neuroscience with a minor in mathematics. – With your first semester coming to a close as finals approach, what have you enjoyed most about being on campus?

Patricia Van Law – I cannot believe how fast time has gone by! I have enjoyed so much of this first semester; but if I had to pick one thing I have enjoyed the most it would be being challenged. I love challenges and this has not been an easy semester, but I know that I am growing because of it.

GS – Growing up in Highlands Ranch, Colo., what led you to choose the University of Minnesota?

PVL – I must say that I miss the mountains. It’s the only thing that Minneapolis doesn’t have that I’m in love with. I chose the U because I knew that I was going somewhere where I could improve and contribute both in academics and in athletics.

GS – Can you tell us a little about your pre-meet routine or superstitions you have.

PVL – Before each race, I just try and pick an up tempo song to sing in my head so that I don’t overthink while I’m racing.

GS – When and how did you start swimming?

PVL – At my older sisters’ swim lessons when I was just a few years old, my parents would just take me in the baby pool and I apparently loved putting my face in the water. The rest is history pretty much.

GS – Brittany Horn said if she had to be stuck in an elevator with one teammate that she would want to be stuck with you because you would find a way out. What are your thoughts on that?

PVL – Well, she isn’t wrong. I am not the biggest fan of elevators, so I would do a lot to get us out. However, if I did get stuck with Britt I would be absolutely blessed because she is always so level headed and just a wonderful person to have around at all times.

GS – Who on the team do you think has the best dance moves?

PVL – Our team has some great dancers-which makes this hard; but I would have to say Tom Donker.

Favorite Restaurant: Nothing beats my Mom’s cooking
Hidden Talent:
I can do the worm
Go to Karaoke Song:
Any Disney song
One think you can’t live without:
My younger brother   
Favorite place to visit in Minneapolis:
Farmer Markets
Favorite Netflix show to binge watch:
A dead tie between Friends or The Office




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