Summer Blog #3: Swimmer Profile
Blake Zeiger

July 1, 2014

Summer Blog #3: Swimmer Profile | Written by Blake Zeiger

I first started swimming  on a summer league (Sher-Le-Mon) out of Cumberland, Rhode Island when I was eleven.  I only wanted to compete on the diving team, but I was required to be on the swim team as well if I wanted to dive.  After the second summer of the summer league, I convinced my parents to let me join a local club team (Providence Aquatic Club) so I could swim year-round!

I chose Minnesota for my collegiate career because of the team and coaching staff. It was welcoming - even so far from home, and I knew I could continue to reach my goals while building so many great friendships with my teammates.

As a swimmer, I am really striving to enjoy every moment.  Sometimes I fall into the habit of just going through the motions and don't appreciate how blessed I am to swim on such a wonderful team as the U of M with so many talented teammates.

One of my favorite pieces of positive thinking was told to me by our head coach Kelly Kremer after I had a rough practice.  He told me his mother used to tell him if the only bad thing that happened to you was a terrible swim practice, then it was a pretty good day!

My younger sister Brooke is joining the team this fall. I'm excited to have my sister at school and on the team with me. I think she is a great asset to the team and will fit in with everyone right away.  We have been swimming together since the very beginning so it will be fun to swim with her again, but this time as a Gopher teammate!

About Blake Zeiger

Class of 2015

Freestyle swimmer

Hometown: Cumberland, Rhode Island  

Major: English - my favorite part about my major is being able to read so many books!




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