Haley Spencer Blog #2 From Hawaii
Spencer blogs about the Gophers experience in Hawaii

Jan. 7, 2013

I woke up this morning in a very good mood, not because it was my groups first day off, but because my beloved Packers destroyed the Vikings in our rematch last night and teammate and die-hard Vikings fan Jared Anderson admitted that my team was superior (though I'm sure he would deny saying that if you asked). Watching the game at a place called Rivals could not have been more fitting for us, but we did set aside our differences long enough for us, Loren Brandon, and Sean Nesheim to tackle a plate of nachos called "the colossus". When we ordered it, the waitress looked at us as if we were crazy, as the dish was described as being able to "comfortably feed 8". Obviously she had never seen a group of swimmers eat, and after the week of training we have all put in, we may have been able to put down two of those plates easily.

My group practiced 9 times between tuesday and saturday, with saturday being a single-allowing us to have almost the entire weekend to recover. We've done a lot of specialty sets, with groups splitting up by distance or stroke. We've also been sharing the pool at the University of Hawaii with the water polo team which has some of us a little worried as the nets that are supposed to keep us from getting hit by the polo balls aren't very sturdy (although they have managed to catch and tangle a couple of swimmers when a strong gust of wind blows them into our lanes). Our 5:30 am and 2pm practice times have allowed us to swim under both the moon and the sun, a bit of a different experience for us- but its worth it to watch the sunrise every morning.

Our time off has mostly been spent at the beach. Today was the first day that it hasn't rained, however there were swarms of jellyfish in the ocean, so we made sure to stick to the shallows if we went in. When runoff from the beach's shower waters threatened to ruin our prime beach spot, a few of the men took it upon themselves to dig a pathway that would lead the water away from us. This ended up attracting two little boys who helped them forge a river to the ocean and asked Jared Anderson the question that I am sure is on most people's minds when they see the gopher men at the beach, "Why is your suit so small?"

This coming week should be an exciting one. We have another tough week of practices ahead of us, as well as a dual meet against Hawaii to look forward to. The women will also be fortunate enough to have our Dorothy Sheppard dinner on Wednesday- which ensures our parents that we have at least one fully balanced and incredible meal while we are here.



Until next time,

Haley Spencer

Go Gophers!


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