Single-Game Records

At Bats
10 Judy Knight vs. Texas-Arlington 3/26/80
10 Katie Ray vs. Texas-Arlington 3/26/80
10 Linda Arford vs. Texas-Arlington 3/26/80
5 Rachel Nelson vs. Wisconsin 4/9/1996
5 Rachel Nelson vs. New Mexico 2/29/1996
5 Maddie Houlihan vs. Iowa 5/6/2016
Runs Scored
4 (13x) last by Tyler Walker vs. UC Davis 2/7/2015
7 Shelly Medernach vs. Carleton 5/8/1976
7 Jennifer McGuinness vs. Penn State 4/23/1994
7 Shannon Beeler vs. Ohio State 3/28/1998
7 Jordanne Nygren vs. Iowa State 4/13/1999
3 Megan Higginbotham vs. North Dakota State 5/3/2006
3 Malisa Barnes vs. Connecticut 2/26/2010
2 (9x) last by Veronica Roberts vs. Northern Iowa 4/13/2000
Home Runs
2 (44x) last by Sam Macken vs. Oklahoma  3/16/2016
Total Bases
12 Anne Thul vs. Concordia-St. Paul 4/24/2002
11 Sara Groenewegen vs. Stetson 2/13/2015
11 Sara Groenewegen vs. Boise State 2/21/2015
11 Amber Hegland vs. Southern Colorado 2/29/1995
11 Angel Braden vs. Northern Iowa 2/8/2001
11 Alex Davis vs. Weber State 3/21/2010
4 Jordanne Nygren vs. Wisconsin 5/4/2003
4 Kari Dorle vs. UNC Greensboro 2/26/2011
4 Malisa Barnes vs. Illinois 5/13/2001
3 (25x) last by Stephanie Sward vs. Kentucky 2/20/2005
Innings Pitched
25 Dani Ortler vs. Texas-Arlington 3/26/1980
19* Sara Groenewegen vs. Purdue 5/2/2015
17 Piper Marten vs. Iowa State 3/16/2003
17** Piper Marten vs. Concordia-St. Paul 4/9/2003
17** Briana Hassett vs. Dartmouth 2/29/2008
17 Alissa Koch vs. South Dakota 4/9/2011
16 Piper Marten vs. Indiana 4/4/2003
16 Briana Hassett vs. Indiana 4/4/2008
* Eight innings; ** Nine innings    
Gretchen Larson vs. Pima 3/10/1983
Judy Oliverius vs. New Mexico State 3/8/1985
Judy Oliverius vs. Wichita State 3/25/1985
Judy Oliverius vs. Ohio State 5/3/1986
Sarah Maschka* vs. NE Louisiana 3/1/1991
Brenda Bixby vs. South Florida 2/22/1992
Brenda Bixby vs. Louisiana Tech 3/7/1992
Angie Recknor* vs. Akron 3/25/2000
Piper Marten vs. Boston Univ. 2/15/2002
Piper Marten* vs. Pittsburgh 3/9/2002
Piper Marten* vs. Drake 4/17/2002
Piper Marten vs. UW-Green Bay 5/2/2002
Piper Marten vs. Iowa 4/30/2004
Katie Dalen vs. Rhode Island 3/18/2005
Briana Hassett vs. South Dakota State 4/24/2007
Sara Moulton vs. Kent State 2/11/2012
Sara Moulton vs. Florida Atlantic 3/10/2012
Sara Moulton vs. Albany 2/24/2013
Sara Moulton vs. MTSU 3/1/2013
Sara Moulton vs. Hampton 2/22/2014
Sara Groenewegen vs. Penn State 4/26/2014 
Sara Groenewegen vs. Northwestern 4/12/2015 
Sara Groenewegen vs. North Dakota State 4/22/2015 
Sara Groenewegen 
 vs. Virginia Tech  2/19/2016 
Sara Groenewegen *   

 vs. FAU  3/12/2016
Sara Groenewegen vs. Maryland 4/29/2016
*Perfect Game
Double Plays
3   vs. Cal State Fullerton 3/18/1984
3   vs. Texas A&M 5/17/1991
Triple Plays
1   vs. North Dakota State 5/5/1983
1   vs. Northwestern 4/16/1997


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