Minnesota-Green Bay Post-game Quotes

May 16, 2014

Recap |  Box Score

NCAA Minneapolis Softball Regional
Jane Sage Cowles Stadium
Minneapolis, Minn.

Green Bay 1
Minnesota 10 (Five Innings)


Jessica Allister, Minnesota head coach
Opening Statement…
“I’m really proud of our team this evening because every team playing in the tournament is a very, very good team and you have to play good softball to win at this point in time. I’m proud that after a shaky first inning we were able to come back and really put together a nice game. The crowd was awesome and it was fun to have all of our fans here and share this experience with them. We are excited for tomorrow!”

On if nerves contributed to a shaky first inning…
“Absolutely. It is exciting and no matter how many games you’ve played and no matter how many times you’ve done it, the postseason is exciting. The postseason at home is exciting. It was nice to see them calm down. [Sarah] Moulton was great in the circle and kept us steady.”

On Sam Macken stepping it up on the big stage…
“Sam has just had a tremendous month and she takes confident swings at pitches in the zone and she did a great job tonight. 

Sarah Moulton, pitcher
On confidence in the circle…
“It gives me all the confidence in the world and it takes the pressure off. It is fun when we are scoring runs and our defense played phenomenally behind me today. I just rolled them some ground balls and they made all the plays.” 

On nerves…
“I think we were all feeling some nerves and we were excited to get out there and play in front of a huge crowd. I don’t think we’ve played at home in front of a crowd that big before. So we were a little nervous but after they scored the first run we really settled down.” 



Sydney Fabian, utility
On playing at home versus traveling…
“It is exciting either way but it is definitely a benefit to be here and sleep in our own beds and use our own locker room. It is a lot of fun to play in front of a home crowd and have lots of fans and have it be loud. I have never heard it like this before so it was a lot of fun.”


Jean Rivett, Green Bay
Opening Statement…
You can tell by our mood, we are a little disappointed. Plain and simple, credit goes to Minnesota. They outplayed us today. They brought all their weapons, their bats. I don’t know if we were nervous or what it was, but we are not going to make excuses. They kicked our butt. We have to come back ready to play Auburn tomorrow and we will fix things that we need to fix for tomorrow. 

Do you think nerves played a factor today?
I am not quite sure yet. I have not talked to each one of these young ladies. I do not know if it was nerves or excitement was too high. We have to find that out and fix it before tomorrow.

What did you see from Moulton today in the circle?
That is a good question. I certainly was not hitting off of her so I do not know, but supposedly we were just not aggressive with our bats today. Credit to her, she does have a great drop-ball. We made some adjustments, but just were not seeing the ball well today. 

Is that something from her end or from your end?
I think a little bit of both. I think we could have hit her, but again we were not seeing the ball real well and did not make the adjustments that we needed to make. 

Shannon Butts, catcher
On being disappoint, but know you have a game tomorrow…
Just come back and fight for every pitch we get, every out we get, just to battle. We know our season could be over tomorrow and we have to try and make sure that it is not over. That is what we have to try and do. 

Did playing in Minneapolis have any affect?
We have not played at home a lot all year. We won our conference and got shipped off to Wright State, so we are kind of used to not playing at home. We are not here to make excuses for ourselves. We did not hit the ball. You are not going to win when you get one hit. That is how it is. You cannot win if you cannot hit. 

Take any solace in hanging tough against a team who is in one of its best seasons in program history?
Definitely. We fought and battled and we were up for three innings or so. They are great hitters, but we fought and that is what we are going to keep on doing. 

Hailey Mohrfeld, shortstop
On being disappoint, but know you have a game tomorrow…
We are best when we play loose. As long as we do not put too much pressure on ourselves and just play our game we will be fine. We have lost before, so we need to treat it like any other game and play Green Bay softball. 

On Moulton’s performance…
She definitely had a great a game and kept us off balance. We only had one hit. She is probably one of the best pitchers we have faced all year and one of the best pitchers we have faced in a long time. We just were not seeing the ball well. Tomorrow we just need to focus on the little things and get base hits. We do not need to do anything big. She is one of the best pitchers in the Big Ten and probably the country, so we need to give her credit, but we need to be better. 

Take any solace in hanging tough against a team who is in one of its best seasons in program history?
We have proved all year that we can play with anyone in the country, but it just did not happen today. 


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