Individual Match Records

Points 10, Katie Bethke vs. South Dakota (10/4/09)
  10, Erin Hussey vs. Valparaiso (8/31/96)
Goals 4, Katie Bethke vs. South Dakota (10/4/09)
  4, Erin Hussey vs. Valparaiso (8/31/96)
Assists 4, Simone Kolander vs. Stetson (8/22/14)
  3, Nicole Lee vs. Kentucky (11/11/98)
  3, Megan Johnson vs. Valparaiso (8/31/96)
  3, Jennifer Walek vs. Minnesota-Duluth (9/13/95)
  3, Jennifer Walek vs. Northern Illinois (9/10/95)
  3, Corinne Bolder vs. Northern Illinois (9/10/95)
3, Jennifer Walek vs. Canisius (9/26/93)
Saves 16, Tarah Hobbs vs. Iowa (10/16/13)
  15, Lindsey Dare at Brown (9/10/06)
15, Teresa O'Hearn at Ohio State (9/30/94)
Individual Consecutive Match Streaks
Matches with a Point 11, Taylor Uhl (10/21/11 to 9/3/12)
Matches with a Goal 9, Taylor Uhl (10/23/11 to 8/30/12)
Matches with an Assist 5, Molly Rouse (8/22/08 to 9/5/08)
  5, Erin Hussey (10/30/93 to 9/11/94)
Shutouts 6, Jami Philip (9/18/93 to 10/30/93)


Spring Season In Review


The Golden Gophers wrapped up its spring season this weekend, with five exhibition games played. Minnesota posted a 3-1-1 record, and finished the season with three shutouts.

Catching Up with Our Newest Midfielder Alysse


Alysse LaMond joined the Gopher Soccer program this spring after graduating from high school early. We caught up with the newcomer to see how her first semester was going.

Gophers Announce 2017 Spring Schedule


The University of Minnesota women’s soccer team has announced its spring schedule, which will feature five games.

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