Get to Know the Gophers: Marisa Windingstad
June 13, 2018

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The University of Minnesota soccer team has concluded their spring activities, and are in full offseason mode. will sit down with each player on the 2018 team to get to know them better on and off the field!

We met up with Marisa Windingstad, who is celebrating her birthday this week, to get to know her more on and off the field!

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--- What are your summer plans? Internship? Travel? Playing Soccer? ANYTHING!

Marisa Windingstad: This summer I am going back to my hometown for a wedding in May, and after that I will be in Minnesota for the rest of summer. I will spend that time working, playing soccer, and working out with Corey of course! On the weekends I will relax and head up to my cabin where I will spend time with my friends and family going boating.

GS: Heading out of school for a few months, what do you like to do with your free time? Hobbies? Interests?

MW: In my free time I focus on spending time with my friends, family, and dog. Similar to my answer above, I absolutely love going up to my cabin! I play a lot of spike ball, sand volleyball, am on the lake all day. A big part of my free time is also filled up dancing around my apartment. I also love food, so I am going to focus on trying new breakfast and Mexican restaurants because those are my favorite.

GS: How did you begin playing soccer? What sparked your interest as a child?

MW: I played a lot of sports growing up, so soccer just happened to be one of them! I started on a co-ed team when I was very young and had so much fun so I continued. I had a lot of energy as a kid (and I still do) so it was good for me to run around and let some of that out. It was probably a good thing for my parents!

GS: What other positions have you played in the past? For instance... if you were a goal scorer in high school, and you are not now, what has that position change been like? Or vice versa...

MW: I have always been a defender, primarily an outside back, but later in high school I played center back as well.

GS: What kind of person would you describe yourself as? What kind of player would you describe yourself as?

MW: As a person I would describe myself as a super goofy and happy person. I would describe myself as a composed player.

GS: Have you played other sports in your life?

MW: I have played soccer, volleyball, softball, track, and basketball.

GS: Is there a story behind your number you have in college? What about what you had in high school?

MW: There isn't a huge story behind my number, except it worked out pretty well! For club soccer I was No. 34 and then in High School I was No. 14 because that is what number my dad was. Coming into college I really wanted to wear No. 14, but that was already taken so I chose No. 24. I actually really enjoy wearing this number because now I've worn 14, 24, and 34.

GS: What made you choose to come to the University of Minnesota? What does it mean to be a Gopher to you?

MW: The people that I am surrounded by from both an academic and athletic standpoint is a huge reason I chose to come the the 'U'. Being a Gopher means everything to me because it has made me into the person I am. I couldn't imagine spending my four years of college anywhere else.

GS: What is your favorite part about playing soccer here?

MW: Seeing my favorite people every day is definitely one of my favorite parts. I also love having a place to escape and be competitive with the most competitive people I know.

GS: Favorite Soccer player? Favorite Professional athlete?

MW: Becky Sauerbrunn; Alexander Ovechkin (huge hockey fan)...Go Caps!

GS: Favorite food/meal?

MW: A big plate of Mexican food

GS: Favorite Sport besides soccer?

MW: Sand Volleyball hands down

GS: Favorite place you have traveled to?

MW: Switzerland

GS: Favorite thing to do in your free time? (You pick something!)

MW: Mess with my roommate, Haley Mennes.

GS: Favorite Season (You pick something!)

MW: Fall because it is soccer season, the weather is perfect, and that means CHRISTMAS IS COMING!




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Get to Know the Gophers: Marisa Windingstad

Get to Know the Gophers: Marisa Windingstad

6/13/2018 - W. Soccer will sit down with each player on the 2018 team to get to know them better on and off the field!

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