Novice Women's Rowing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try rowing at Minnesota?

Arrow It will help you get in the best shape of your life
Arrow A great opportunity to be a Division I varsity athlete
Arrow Opportunity to compete for Big Ten and NCAA Championships
Arrow 80-90 brand new potential friends!
Arrow Makes our large school feel small and like a tight-knit family
Arrow It looks great on a resume'!

2. I am a little nervous about not knowing anything arboud rowing. Will I still have a shot at making the team?

Arrow OF COURSE! Most of the rowers trying out (about 98%) will have no experience or even really know what rowing is before they step foot on campus! We are looking for good overall athletes that we can teach to be great rowers. Many of our top rowers have had previous experience with swimming, Nordic skiing, volleyball, basketball or have been runners.

3. What do you look for in student-athletes?

We look for someone with the combination of these attributes:

  • Height (5'9" or taller generally makes a great rower)
  • Athletic Background
  • Competitiveness
  • Toughness
  • Enjoys the team atmosphere

4. How can I prepare for tryouts?

Arrow The best thing to do is to get into shape… or get into better shape by the start of school. Running or any other cardiovascular-based exercise, as well as body weight exercises (pushups, squat jumps, or sit-ups), will help you prepare.

5. Does it cost money to join the team?

Arrow No! Women’s rowing is a fully-funded NCAA sport. As a student-athlete you will have access to athletic trainers, academic advisors, tutors and athletic facilities at no charge. You’ll also receive priority registration after your Fall semester classes. You will also be issued gear to train and compete in at no charge. Transportation, meals and lodging for competitions are also all covered at no cost to you!

6. I have a really difficult major? Are there other rowers in difficult majors and are there support services for athletes?

Arrow The answers to those questions are an absolute YES! We have many rowers who are in very difficult majors including Biomedical Engineering and Pre-Med -- quite difficult stuff. Gopher athletes are provided with the academic support that rivals the best in the Big Ten Conference. Each sport is assigned an academic advisor who assists the team’s student athletes with academic issues (such as scheduling courses to setting up tutors). There is also a career development area and volunteer opportunities all within the academic center to help you get the most out of your education.

7. Do I need a physical before the tryout?

Arrow Yes, you will need a physical that is no more than one year old to tryout. The attached physical form can be used or a general form from your doctor’s office. You will also need a copy of your insurance cards. You can fax or mail them into the Coaching Staff. You can fax the documents to the Gopher Rowing Office at 612-625-3311 or mail them to the following address:

Gopher Novice Rowing
Bierman Field Athletic Building 290M
516 15th Ave. S. E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455

If you are interested in rowing or have further questions, please email Peter Morgan at Go Gophers!