Five Minutes with Sydney Baldwin
Dec. 6, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS -- Gophers co-captain Sydney Baldwin caught up with the voice of Gopher Women's Hockey Dan Hamann before last Friday's game against Bemidji State. Baldwin reflects on how the team has grown during the first half of the season, her duties as a co-captain, and more.

Listen to Sydney Baldwin's pregame interview with Dan Hamann.

Dan Hamann: Back with Gopher women’s hockey and with senior captain defensemen Sydney Baldwin as the Gophers gear up today to take on Bemidji State. Syd, what a first half of the season. Kind of a roller coaster there in the early part but the team seems to have righted the ship and is playing pretty good hockey right now.

Sydney Baldwin: Yeah definitely. I think every team has growing pains, trying to figure out what type of team they’re going to be. As long as we trust the process and keep getting better each and every day, we’re going to be good to go for the rest of the half.

DH: What kind of team is this going to be?

SB: I think we definitely have to keep things tight on defense. Find scoring but, I think we’re starting to develop what type of team and what type of identity that is and that’s just working hard each and every day. Games don’t have to be pretty to win them, and we're just finding out a way to get the job done, keeping the puck out of our net, that’s kind of what we’re looking at.

DH: Have you had to change the style of your play this year to suit your team?

SB: Yeah, I definitely wanted to stay tight on defense and you have to pick and choose your opportunities for offense. Making sure defense is my first responsibility but whenever I see an opportunity, I’m gunning to find some time to play on offense.

DH: You found that against Lindenwood, you scored to put the Gophers on the board. Now, what kind of factors are you looking for, or is it more reactive or instinctive?

SB: I think it’s instinctive. When you see an opportunity or see a rush that can develop into something, you kind of have to figure out what’s high risk and what’s high reward. So, if there’s ever an odd man rush or an opportunity, I’m always looking to jump in there.

DH: Is being a captain on this team all that it’s cracked up to be? Or is it more work than you anticipated?

SB: Obviously there’s a little bit of work that goes into it. It’s been great getting to know all the girls, all the players both on and off the ice. I’ve been having a lot of fun doing it, especially alongside Cara.

DH: What’s one thing that you didn’t expect to do that you had to take on as a role?

SB: That’s a good question. There’s a little more coordinating and figuring things out than I expected. But, it’s totally fine.

DH: What do you foresee yourself doing maybe four to five months removed from graduation?

SB: I’m not exactly sure yet what my plans are. I foresee quite a bit of traveling in the summer and spending time at the cabin, just taking a little break from school and hockey and work and all that stuff. I could have a job next year, I could be doing something else, doing some more traveling. So, I don’t know.

DH: The team is shorthanded right now, only four defensemen. What does that mean for you coming into a game like today?

SB: I think it just means that the four D that are playing just have to manage the game a little more. Have an awareness for how much time is left in periods, how long our shifts are, those opportunities where we are jumping up in plays. So, we just have to manage the game a little bit more.

DH: What memories does it bring back when you see your former teammates out there playing for the U.S. and Canada?

SB: There’s a lot of pride seeing people who you played with. Seeing people who were a part of the Gopher program being at that next level is really cool. I think we’re all just excited to go and watch them and see them be successful there.





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