Senior Spotlight: Katie Frischmann
Katie Frischmann

Oct. 23, 2012

Senior Katie Frischmann has been a versatile Gopher hockey player, rotating between forward and defense throughout her career. The Rochester, Minn. native and Academic All-WCHA honoree recently talked with about this change, her Gopher career, and more.

Q: What were some of your favorite moments from last year’s championship run?
A: Obviously, winning it. But I would say, just the team chemistry we had throughout the run off the ice. I wouldn’t say that we knew we were going to win, but we had so much chemistry that none of us could really imagine not winning. Emily West’s shootout goal was definitely a top hockey moment ever. That was a sick goal. The whole season was great, just being with that team. That team will never be able to be replaced. It was an unreal group of girls.

Q: Is there anything else from your entire career so far that has stood out?
A: When we played at Wisconsin when they did their “Fill the Bowl.” There were like 10,000-some fans at the game. It was pretty neat. Obviously, not very many of them were cheering for us, but it was just neat to play in an atmosphere like that, because you don’t get the opportunity to play in an atmosphere like that very often. Playing in the Frozen Four when it was here was cool, just to be in front of our home crowd. It was not cool losing, but being in front of our home crowd was nice.

Q: What are some of your goals for the rest of your senior year?
A: I’d say, be a leader off the ice and help the freshmen get comfortable. If they need anything they know that they can come to me. And just to be there for my team and be a big team player and enjoy the ride for the last year.

Q: Can you talk a little about playing both forward and defense?
A: It’s kind of hard sometimes being a little inconsistent, showing up at practice and having a D jersey in my stall, and then the next week showing up and having a forward jersey. This year, the coaches told me they were going to try to have me play more forward. It’s been kind of nice, kind of knowing the roles of each position. Playing center now, it’s pretty much the same in the D zone as when you’re D. …Just being able to see the ice from both ends and know what works better for each position. I think it’s kind of fun to mix it up a little bit. I don’t think a lot of people would like that inconsistency, but I thought it was kind of fun going back and forth, switching it up every week.

Q: There are rumors that you have some crazy dance moves.
A: I am known for my dancing off the ice. I enjoy dancing. I always said if I wasn’t going to graduate in four years, I’d try to join the dance team or something next year. I danced all the way up until high school when I had to quit when it conflicted with soccer games. I really enjoy dance.

Q: What is it like rooming with Megan Bozek, another senior teammate?
A: It’s a blast. It’s fun. Our room is probably the coolest room on campus. Anyone who’s seen it will agree. We both have our beds lofted, so they’re next to each other on a deck in the back of our room. Then we have a TV that’s up at the feet of our beds. We have a LoveSac underneath. We have a mini-fridge in the there. It’s like our own little apartment in our room. It’s pretty cool.

Q: You have been involved in a lot of volunteering during your time as a Gopher. Talk about some of your favorite volunteer experiences.
A: I really like volunteering. I enjoy giving back to the community and seeing the kids that we help out happy with the little things that we do. Just recently we went and gave a quick talk on being nice and not bullying. We all said a quick 30-second thing. Knowing how much it meant to those kids and that they’d actually listen to us—as opposed to just their teachers telling them stuff—is cool. HopeKids is a big organization here. We have HopeDay at the beginning of the year. That’s really fun, just to get those kids out of their normal environment of doctors talking to them all the time and everyone asking how they’re feeling. We try not to ask them about that kind of stuff. We just treat them like a normal kid for a day, whether we’re going to a movie with them or whatever we’re doing with them. It’s just fun to give back and see kids happy.




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