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March 23, 2013

Head Coach Brian Durocher
Opening statement...
"I'll start by saying on behalf of everyone at Boston University, we're awfully proud and happy to be here. We're excited to take on the challenge that is the University of Minnesota Gophers and the 3400 partisan fans who will be here tomorrow. We're also greatly appreciative of the hospitality and support that's been here during our time."

On his concerns facing the Gophers...
"The fact that they have an All-American goalie, great defense and great forwards. I think I said it last night, but when you play a team like this, when they score one goal, you really have to button down the hatches and bring your concentration and focus up to another level. You don't want you opponent to get into three or four goal runs, and that can happen real fast with a team like Minnesota. We have to see if we can get that first goal, but more importantly, prevent any runs."

On having a team experienced playing in NCAA Championship games...
"There are enough kids on our team who played in the final in 2001, but also kids who have played in Hockey East Championships and other big games. There's enough experience, but it's kind of a wash. Minnesota, BC, Mercyhurst and us were all experienced playing at this level. I don't think there's a huge advantage. If there's an advantage, it's the crowd that will be backing the Gophers, but that can be fun for any visiting team to take on that challenge."

On WCHA teams dominating in NCAA titles...
"The three WCHA schools that have won NCAA titles are fantastic hockey institutions. They're desired institutions for female hockey players and male hockey players. There's an awful lot to be said for the big hockey schools out here that have a lot of resources and a lot of opportunity. We're hoping that we can break that streak. I know there are others out east who have certainly put up a good challenge, but it's a credit to the WCHA that they've won it so many times."

On which team is under more pressure to win tomorrow...
"I think there's more pressure on the team that's 40-0. They've set the bar so high, and they've put themselves in a position where there's a lot of pressure. There might have been somebody along the way who might have said `if we just dropped one the first week of February, it might take the pressure off,' but they haven't. You don't have to go back much further than their last couple of games, last night's overtime win and their game against North Dakota, and again they answered the bell. They've been under the gun and they've answered the bell. I don't think there's any question that there's a little more pressure on them, and we might be playing with house money because there hasn't been an eastern winner yet. We haven't won a championship yet, but we're here with guns blazing and hoping we can pull that off in a tough environment." 

On not playing Minnesota yet this season...
"In this day and age, you see enough film and you have a sense of who the players are from watching them as they've come up through the ranks. The game of hockey is a read and react game, there's no huddles we go into, there aren't 15 time outs like basketball where you can set up a play. My way to prepare my team is to make sure nobody is too tight. I might tell a couple of jokes to make sure everyone is loose and having fun. If they get lazy mentally, then you talk to them, but they've got to be loose and ready to play the game."

On the number of penalties his team has taken in playoff games...
"Yes, we're leading that count in every playoff game. We have to correct that. We have to have much better composure and better poise to avoid that. Eventually, we're going to shoot ourselves in the foot."

Senior forward Isabel Menard
On if the Terriers are playing their best hockey of the season right now...
"The past couple weeks have been great for us. I think playing Connecticut and having a five-goal deficit and coming back to win really turned our team around. From then on, we've just been rolling and playing well as a team."

On scoring more goals late in the season...
"How the plays are developing is how I would describe it. I'm just trying to help out my teammates and I've been fortunate to have some really good linemates. The team, overall, is helping me."

On her line's ability to be a scoring line...
"I think we've stepped up the last few games, but I think the two linemates and I have played really hard--they make my job pretty easy. I think, overall, we've been stepping up and scoring here and there."


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