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March 22, 2013

Head Coach Brian Durocher
Opening Statement…
“I thought it was a real good hockey game and both teams played right until the end. Credit to Mercyhurst, who is such a young team, for getting here to this point, as well as Mike Sisti’s staff. We obviously had the good fortune of having one find the top corner to start the game, a real good shot by Jenelle Kohanchuk, that certainly loosened us up a bit. We had one called back for a high stick but we were pressing. To get the second one in the second period certainly gave us the momentum and from there we played what I thought was a fairly sound game. The shots in the third period were advantage Mercyhurst but at that point you are trying to close the deal rather than score a couple more goals. I give most of the credit to the people to my left, if not all of it.”

On how important it was to start strong…
“I think it’s real important. Any time you can set a tempo it’s obviously important in the game and to get one that quickly in the game was huge. It breaks the ice, it gets you relaxed, and I’ve always said, if you get one goal, they need three before you are really in panic mode. At two-to-one or one-to-one you’re fine, so to get that jump makes a big, big difference in this game. It’s basically a race to three and to get the first one gives you a nice cushion to start.”

On the advantage of having many players who can score…
“It’s obviously hard to say “we’re going to shut down this line or matchup against this line”, to have two top lines is fantastic for us. With all the kids on the back line, they keep things simple but they get their shots on net and they put pressure on people. Someone who’s not up the ice very often, Kathryn Miller, sneaks up there and gets a big goal in the third period. That’s a key part of our team and to have, as you mentioned, six or seven individuals who have got good numbers is awful nice.”

On keeping the players calm heading into Sunday’s matchup…
“They know who’s in front of them and they know the mark that they’ve set. I don’t think I’ll have to say too much, you kind of have to dial people down so that they’re still thinking about what they have to do. I don’t really think we’ll get into a run-and-gun game but the circumstances change all the time for this game. They (Minnesota) had a low scoring game against Boston College, we get a lead that I never thought we’d have, three or four goals, so whatever shows up Sunday we have to react to and keep our composure. I think the biggest thing is to be excited but have it be channeled energy.”

Junior goaltender Kerrin Sperry
On the way they responded after the five-minute major penalty…
Our penalty kill played very well tonight. I had girls blocking shots in front of me and clearing pucks—I think I only got two or three shots in the five-minute major. In fact, we forced them to take a penalty themselves. All of the credit goes to the defense and the forwards who were back checking hard.

On whether or not this a turning point…
I think there were a few turning points. It was all about our team chemistry. First, getting chuck out there scoring the first goal pumped us up. Killing the penalty was a good point, but also in the third when [] Miller scored the goal. You know, Miller doesn’t score a ton of goals. She’s a hard working defenseman and I rely on her a lot and she got down there and scored a goal, which pumped everyone up.

On her perspective going into the game against Mercyhurst—a team she beat her freshman year…
That was a long time ago—my freshman year. It was the same thing tonight. Freshman year I had the luxury of having a very, very strong team in front of me—committed defense, committed forwards who were going to stop pucks for me. Tonight, I felt like I trusted my teammates—they’ve been playing very well—I have confidence in myself—something my team needs, and they did everything I asked them to do tonight. I am really proud of my team.

On what Kerrin will tell her teammates going into Sunday…
I try to leave the talking to ‘Pou’ in the locker room, but I hope how I act will make people believe in what we can do. I believe what we can do. If we put it on the ice the way we have been and the way we can, I think we’ll be very successful.

Senior forward Jenelle Kohanchuk
On Boston University’s success in transition…
We definitely went over Mercyhurst’s film and used what we learned to our advantage. Additionally, our entire team went out there and knew how they played and our transitions were phenomenal part of our game plan. We worked with each other and communicated and took advantage of that.

On coming back after missing last year because of injury and making it to the Championship game…
It is definitely hard to come back after taking a year off, but I think my support staff—coaches and teammates—helped me get back in to the game. My success this year is all credited to those people and I am humbled to have the success I have had and the team has had this season.

On her scoring streak in the last 10 games…
I think my line mates have helped with that. They make phenomenal plays, phenomenal passes, and I think they make me look good. ‘Pou’ makes cross-ice passes to allow these goals and we have people working hard. I’m thankful that the shots I’m taking are going in the net. I’d just like to thank my teammates.

On her first goal tonight…
We started off right away. We broke out through a zone and I was thinking that I just wanted to put something on net because we want to start off strong. I took the shot right away and I don’t know how it managed to get in the back of the net, but it was nice to get going quickly.

Junior forward Marie-Philip Poulin
On what she knows about Minnesota…
They have a great team, great goaltending, but we have to come as a team and not put pressure on ourselves. We know they are undefeated, but we need to work hard as an underdog and try to match them shift for shift.

On how winning the Championship would compare to the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics…
It’s all part of my career goals. Winning a gold medal was very exciting, but winning a championship and bringing it back to Boston would be very rewarding.


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