Women's Gymnastics Starts New Tradition
Oct. 22, 2017

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The University of Minnesota women’s gymnastics team competed in a friendly (and competitive) photo scavenger hunt on homecoming Saturday. They bounced around before and during the football game interacting with fans, staff members, fellow Gopher sports teams and cheered on the football team to a victory. They were split up into four teams (Team Richard, Team Alfie, Team CG-Nastics and Team MakAttack). We used a very calculated and mathematical scoring system to tally the results. Take a look below.

Handstand at Gopher Garden

All four teams got the challenge started with a stop at the Gopher Garden and executed perfectly to get a point for their team right away.

Get video proof of a fan saying they will come to a Gopher women's gymnastics meet this year

The proof is in the tweet above here. Great job by all four teams to gain some new fans and a point! 

Video doing the rouser with some fans/students in one of the tailgate lots

Some separation began in this category. All four teams executed but we had to give out some bonus points.

Team Alfie had a solid group. They get one point for getting the job done.

Team CG-Nastics not only got a group of fans to do the rouser with them but one fan was holding a brat on a fork the entire time and even brought it in for a bite mid cheer. That gains them two points for this round. 

Team Richard had one very energetic fan in their video. They claimed to have more doing it behind them but even the one fan was entertaining enough for a bonus point to give them two points this round. 

Team MakAttack not only had the biggest group but also had head wrestling coach Brandon Eggum in the video. Two bonus points for a three point round. 

After three rounds: MakAttack 5, CG-Nastics 4, Richard 4, Alfie 3

Selfie with Goldy the Gopher



Only one team was able to snag the actual Goldy and for that Team Alfie gets three points this round. Team CG-Nastics called out Team MakAttack for cheating by taking a picture with a Goldy on a truck but then tried to use a picture with Goldy on sunglasses. Team Richard used a picture of Goldy on a fan’s shirt. For this we are giving MakAttack and Richard each one point and a half a point to CG-Nastics.

Get a picture with a member/group from another Gopher sports team

All four teams executed this challenge including a creative picture with Amir Coffey of men’s basketball. Women’s track and field, gopher men’s gymnastics and wrestling all also made it into pictures and videos. Each team gets a point for a job well done in this round.

Picture with a Gopher athletics alum

Each team was able to find an alum to keep the competition in a tight battle.

After six rounds: MakAttack 8, Alfie 8, Richard 7, CG-Nastics 6.5

Picture with a band member

Team CG-Nastics went all out for this one and we have to give them major props. They got a picture with alum band members getting in the band aspect while another point for interacting with former Gophers on homecoming and having a band picture where the band actually knew they were in it. Two points here. Team Alfie took a picture where it seemed the tuba player at least knew the picture was happening so they get two points. MakAttack and Richard each took distant band pictures. The band had no idea the pictures were happening but we still give them each a point. 

Tell a member of the security staff that they are doing a great job

This challenge melted our hearts and hopefully made some people’s day! A point for all teams here. 

Video "rowing" into the stadium

We think P.J. Fleck would appreciate this one and all the teams had us laughing to get a point.

Video proof of starting a chant in the student section

Team CG-Nastics split up into different sides of their section to start a chant. Super impressive and enough to get them two points! Team Richard started a "Row the Boat" chant compared to every other team’s "Let’s Go Gophers" chant. Creativity gets them two points. Team Alfie and Team MakAttack combined for this challenge. Not against the rules but only enough for one point each. 

Video doing "The Gopher" after the third quarter at the football game

The challenge ended with all four teams rocking “The Gopher” dance after the third quarter to gain one more point each.

Final Results:

The first ever Gopher women’s gymnastics homecoming photo scavenger hunt champions… Team Alfie with an ELITE 14 points! (Goldy was the difference maker) 

2nd is Team CG-Nastics with an outstanding 13.5 points

Team MakAttack and Team Richard both with valient efforts and 13 points on the day for fourth 

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