Gophers Light the Night, Network at Pro Day
Oct. 20, 2017

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The University of Minnesota women’s gymnastics team had another busy week taking part in “Light the Night” at Stone Arch Bridge along with the annual Pro Day career and development fair. On top of that Ivy Lu recently volunteered at the gymnastics World Championships in Montreal.

Pro Day Works!

When senior Rachel Rowland was just a sophomore she did not know what to expect out of Pro Day or if it even applied to her with two years left of school. Then she stumbled upon the ACR Homes booth.

“I remember feeling excited that I found something that related to my aspiration of going into the medical field,” Rowland said. “ACR Homes provides residential support services for people with physical and developmental disabilities and is focused on acceptance, communication, and respect. The recruiter set up an interview for me on the spot and I had the job within a week. I really owe my job with ACR to Pro Day, as it gifted me a seamless information and interview process, as well as all the tools to prepare for such a situation.”

Ever since then Rowland has worked as a Direct Care Professional at a home of four women. She assists them with daily care and media needs while also encouraging autonomy.

“I have grown to be patient, sympathetic, caring, firm and respectful of the needs of different people,” Rowland said. “The ladies impress me each day with their character and positivity. My job description indicates that I am helping my residents, but they have helped me far more than I could ever help them.”

After graduation Rowland plans to continue working with ACR Homes while applying to PA schools.

“Pro Day is an incredible and one of a kind opportunity for student athletes at the University of Minnesota,” Rowland said. “My advice to other student-athletes is to take full advantage of these opportunities, come prepared and have an open mind. You never know what connections might help you in the future.”

Lu Takes Advantage of Opportunity

When Ivy Lu found out the gymnastics World Championships was going to be held in her hometown of Montreal, Quebec, she began working with her coaches and professors to be able to go volunteer for the week.

“I knew I was going to miss quite a bit of school so I made sure to plan ahead of time, and made sure my plan would work out,” Lu said. “It was simply awesome to be there and definitely a once in a lifetime chance. I was a marshall and my job was to walk the athletes from one event to another. I had to line all the gymnasts up and walk them from one rotation to another. I got to watch all of the meets right on the competition floor.”

Lu spent the whole week working with the top gymnasts from around the world. She was able to balance school and gymnastics and gained experience working a worldwide event.

“My absolute favorite memory was getting a picture with the three men’s all-around medalists but Kenzo Shirai from Japan was my favorite,” Lu said. “It was an incredible experience and it was so worth it. I had a great time.”
Gophers Help Light the Night

The Gophers have made it a priority to get out into the community and use their platform to make a difference. Last Sunday they walked Stone Arch Bridge for a Light the Night event. Light the Night is a fundraising event that helps bring light to the darkness of cancer by celebrating those who are fighting the disease and honor those who have lost their life to it.


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