Catching Up with Jessie
Oct. 11, 2017

Jessie Edwards will start this season in eighth place on the Golden Gophers’ career blocks list. The senior from Leeming, Australia, is one of the team’s most experienced frontcourt players. caught up with her during the early weeks of the 2017-18 season.

GopherSports: Did you give Rachel Banham any advice for her time in Australia playing for the Bendigo Spirit, and if not, is there anything you’d like to tell her now?
Jessie Edwards: I would like to tell her, if she gets the chance during summer, to go visit the beaches, because in my opinion they’re the best in the world.

GS: The past couple years, the team has added three more international student-athletes to the roster. How fun is that for you, and how are all of you able to help each other?
JE: It’s been really cool for me because I’ve gotten to be kind of like a mentor for them. I’ve been through it all already, so I can give them advice and talk to them, and I know what they need help with adjusting and such to the life here.

GS: What are your team and individual goals for your senior season?
JE: My goals are to increase my scoring and rebounding average as well as help the team to get to the NCAA Tournament. That’s a big one for the team—get to the NCAA Tournament.

GS: Which games or road trips on this year’s schedule stand out most to you?
JE: I’m looking forward to when we get to play Maryland, because last year we came so close to beating them at home. I didn’t get to play that game because I had the flu, but I’m really looking forward to getting to play them again.

GS: What are some things you worked on during the summer and early fall?
JE: I really worked on diversifying my shot over the summer. Different post moves. Being more accurate. I’ve also worked on being more physical, and my defense as well.

GS: How has in-season practice been going so far?
JE: I think they’ve been quite good. We’ve still got things to improve on, but I feel like in general we’ve been much better than some other years. It feels like the team has jelled a lot more than last year. I feel like because of that, we are able to read each other better on offense and get open more. I feel like this year is going to be a good one.

GS: Do you have plans for how you’re going to use your psychology degree after you graduate?
JE: I’m still not 100 percent sure, but I’m thinking of getting my master’s back home, either specializing in clinical psychology or sports psychology, or even social work.




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