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Nov. 26, 2013

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Head Coach Pam Borton’s Opening Statement...

I was proud of the way we started the game today, especially with how we attacked their 2-3 zone, unlike the last few starts we’ve had. A lot of our players saw time today and it’s important with 5 games in 8 days, and I was proud of where we were.

On the first eight points of the game having seven assists...

I think against a 2-3 Zone it is important to move and shift the ball, and we have done a great job of reversing the play from the sides of the court. Although we were a little stagnant a few times in the second half, moving the ball was a focus of ours.

Stabresa McDaniels breakout game and her four point rebound play...

SM: I think I did a good job coming off the bench and doing what the coaches asked me to do. In the four point play, I just saw the ball and went after it.

On the 2-3 Zone, and the possibility of planning a defense to stop Zahui...

PB: I think Loyola came in without their best player, which made it tough to match up against Amanda and McKayla, and I assumed that if we did not see 25 [Loyola’s Taylor Johnson] out there, they would be playing more zone defense, which they did. We did a great job of making shots and when we are making this many shots, Loyola has to adjust their defense, which they did. In the second half they took their players guarding our point guards and focused on guarding Zahui. This left our other players open for other shots, and although they made adjustments as well as they could, our size was a huge factor.

On how the team is preparing for the 3 games in 3 days in Hawaii...

PB: I think the players prefer to play games rather than practice, so we were excited for the opportunity to play 5 games in 8 days. It is great coming off of a game like this to give everyone a chance to play and boost their confidence as well as get some minutes under their belt as well as give other players a chance to rest. Overall, we are really looking forward to our games in Hawaii.

Kayla Hirt’s hot streak and getting open shots...

Kayla Hirt: “It was great to get some open looks, and have no one guard me. Hopefully with our offensive zone, it will be me knocking down the corner shots, and by adjusting our guards, I am left open this season.




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