Post Game Quotes

Nov. 24, 2013

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Head coach Pam Borton's opening statement...

I was really proud of our players for really grinding this game out. Really toughen this game out. I thought down the stretch, it was like a Big Ten game. We had to really execute on both ends of the floor, both offensively and defensively. Navy is a very tough team to defend, tough match up for us with our post players running around the perimeter trying to get through screens. I was really proud of our players for finding a way to win this game.

Rachel Banham on what they saw preparing for this game and on the court today...

I think from the start you notice constant screen being set and a lot of motion. If you turn your head one way, they are going back the other way. You just have be really aware and talking to your teammates the whole time.

Kayla Hirt on her ten point game...

I had a lot of open opportunities but I do think I'm capable of getting ten points every game.

Navy head coach Stefanie Pemper...

I thought the military appreciation was great.  It was incredibly classy, unexpected and emotional.

Navy team captain Kara Pollinger...

I can't put into words how much it meant to us.  We don't ever have other teams recognize us in that way, even the ones we play regularly in the league.  To have a team look beyond the basketball court and at us as opponents to instead see the bigger picture was really awesome.  We were very appreciative of what they did.  I've been trying to find as many players as I can so I can thank them personally.




Maturi, Hunter Inducted into DECC Hall of Fame


The Duluth-area hall of fame recognized the Gophers' former athletic director and one of their top women's basketball players.

WNBA Update - May 19


All three Golden Gophers in the WNBA saw action during the league's first week of the 2017 season.

Marty McGillan Added to Gophers' Coaching Staff


The veteran men's assistant has coached seven NCAA Tournament teams and more than 60 future pros.

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