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Nov. 20, 2013

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Opening Statement from Head Coach Pam Borton...

I was really proud of our players from bouncing back after the Creighton loss, I thought that was pretty devastating for our players. I thought we bounced back extremely well. I thought this was a statement win for us, and just protecting our home court and winning our home games. I thought we executed extremely well on both ends of the floor especially in the second half. And us having 54% shooting percentage from the floor, I thought we took great shots and played very well as a team and I got to give a lot of props out to the players for just really making a lot of adjustments throughout the game. We are switching defenses throughout the whole game, some of the defenses we just put in the other day. I thought they just did an outstanding job adjusting and everybody being on the same page.

On Rachel Banham hitting some big shots towards the end of the first half...

I thought it was good, of course it only put us down by two points, it gave us some momentum, gave us some confidence. I thought Rachel made some big plays when she needed to and that's her job and then we had the ball coming out. I just felt really comfortable with how we played down the stretch, the last 4 minutes and it really kind of gave us momentum going into the second half.

On adjustments going into the second half...

Well we stopped playing one of our defenses and we stuck more with our 2-3 zone and man-to-man, but I thought our players just played smarter. They did a great job defending Gardner inside; they did a good job helping. We didn't make a whole lot of adjustments; we ust talked about playing smarter and taking care of the basketball.

On Zahui's triple double...

Well this makes me smile, anytime you can say her name and Janel McCarville in the same sentence as Amanda, that's pretty exciting. And I think the sky is the limit with Amanda. She has a long way to go and a lot of things to get better but she has been an unbelievable addition to our team and I think this is just one of many. We are looking forward to her being a big part of our team.



Amanda Zahui B. and Shane Mullaney...

Late in the game there were numerous runs back and forth what was that like for the players getting up and down the court?

Shane: Going thru my mind we needed to get stops defensively and just not let them stay on their run and get stops . Offensively make smart decisions and get the ball to the right people and get their shots.

Amanda: Get stops and play smart on offense, get the ball and pass well but mainly get stops.

Amanda what was your mentality going into the second half, you had 5 blocks in the first half and you came out so aggressively on offense in the second half, was that just the mentality you had coming out of the locker room?

Amanda: Yes, I decided to be more aggressive trying to help my team down on the block

Shane you played all 40 minutes is that something you're accustomed to doing being one of the teams more active defenders?

Shane: I mean last year I got a good amount of minutes but I think this is the first time I played a full 40 minutes, but yeah it felt good just had to stay on the roll and just keep myself pumped up and keep myself with high energy which was easy because it was a fun game to play. The post players keep my job pretty easy offensively, just gotta get it in to them and they score pretty easy and defensivelyjust gotta get stops.

Right now you're leading the team in assists on the offensive side, do you view yourself as an energy distributor?

Shane: Yup, definitely one of my roles offensively is to be a distributor to my teammates and know who to get the ball to at the right time and be a good decision maker. I mean its not me its them finishing their shots, its pretty easy to get it in to them. 

When you guys are constantly switching defenses like that how tough is that for you?

Shane: I think its pretty fun it keeps us on our toes and its nice to change it up cause they don't expect it. Yeah we just always gotta be ready and all make sure we're communicating and make sure everyone knows what we are in defensively so we're all on the same page.

Your coach mentioned you guys kind of had a devastating loss against Creighton and you were pretty upset about it, and falling behind early in it today, I guess what was going through your minds, what were you guys thinking?

Shane: I think we had a lot of fire in our belly after the Creighton game, I know everyone was really upset after that and we were all ready coming into this game and we all knew the game plan, it was very clear and we just were very determined that we weren't going to let happen what happened in the Creighton game. And we didn't let ourselves get down when we started off not making shots and we were down by a little bit.


Support Staff Takes Shape for Whalen

Support Staff Takes Shape for Whalen

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Staples Added to 2018 Recruiting Class

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