Post Game Quotes

Nov. 4, 2012


Minnesota Head Coach Pam Borton

On her thoughts on the game...

"We have to give Mankato a lot of credit for coming in here and playing with a lot of energy and taking advantage of the opportunity that they had to come in here and play the Gophers. I thought they did a great job and they got better from it. They can really take this opportunity and use this for the rest of the season. They have a great team and kids that play very hard and very well together. On our end, I thought we took a step backwards from Thursday. As a group, I thought we were a very undisciplined group out there, didn't look like a team, that's why I'm not even using the word team. We didn't even look like a team out there. We have a lot of work to do before we open up on Saturday. I just felt like we took a couple of steps backwards from the other day."

On how much today's performance was related to the injury and illness situation...

"Absolutely nothing, had nothing to do with it. We're going to face adversity throughout the course of the year, people are going to be in foul trouble. There are going to be reasons why people can't play in a game throughout the course of the season and we have veterans on this team that should be able to step up and handle adversity at this point. We didn't today."

Minnesota Guard Sari Noga

On her thoughts on the game...

"It was an ugly win. We got the win but there's a lot that we have to take in, learn through adversity and move on and get ready for Saturday because it's going to be a lot different and a lot tougher."

On what the upperclassmen need to do on the court in tough situations....

"Step up and take some leadership. Take the adversity and put it on our own shoulders and try to fight through it. Take the heat for some of the things and try to fix it and have that mental toughness. If we're handling it then I think it's easier for the younger girls to handle it."

Minnesota Forward Micaëlla Riché

On her thoughts on the game...

"I definitely feel that as a team or as a group we feel when it's ugly out there and at the end, that was an ugly win. We got it done but that won't work throughout the whole season. This is definitely a swallow your pride moment and take all the criticism we get and we have to bust our butts in practice and move up from here."

On what the upperclassmen need to do on the court in tough situations....

"Make some plays, tell people to just calm down, relax, we're fine. Those are the moments where you're just like, guys let's take a breath, we're good, just chill and we'll be fine. We can't freak out."




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