Young Professional's Etiquette Dinner

The Young Professional’s Etiquette Dinner is a formal opportunity for student-athletes and local professionals to network while learning proper dinner etiquette over a full-course meal.


Here are a few things you'll learn about at the Young Professional's Etiquette Dinner:


  • Always wait until everyone at the table is served before you begin eating
  • Hand on your lap when not eating
  • Place your fork and knife in the 3 o'clock position once done eating


  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and your name
  • Create an "elevator speech"
  • Practice emphatic listening
  • Email contact with a "follow up"


Gophers Celebrate Girls and Women in Sports

Gophers Celebrate Girls and Women in Sports

2/7/2018 - Student-Athlete Affairs

University of Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day with a variety of events held throughout the week.

Gopher Spotlight: Christine Portillo

Gopher Spotlight: Christine Portillo

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Not only has Portillo been a leader within her team as a member of SAAC, she's already made an impact on the University of Minnesota campus and beyond.

Gophers Recognized for Outstanding Community Service

Gophers Recognized for Outstanding Community Service

1/23/2018 - Student-Athlete Affairs

A few of our University of Minnesota student-athletes were honored this year at every football game this season.

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