Young Professional's Etiquette Dinner

The Young Professional’s Etiquette Dinner is a formal opportunity for student-athletes and local professionals to network while learning proper dinner etiquette over a full-course meal.


Here are a few things you'll learn about at the Young Professional's Etiquette Dinner:


  • Always wait until everyone at the table is served before you begin eating
  • Hand on your lap when not eating
  • Place your fork and knife in the 3 o'clock position once done eating


  • Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and your name
  • Create an "elevator speech"
  • Practice emphatic listening
  • Email contact with a "follow up"


Going Pro: Brandon Lingen

Going Pro: Brandon Lingen

4/25/2018 - Student-Athlete Affairs

wasn't just contributing on the playing field, he was also using his senior season to prepare for life after college.

Our Gophers As Future Leaders

Our Gophers As Future Leaders

3/26/2018 - Student-Athlete Affairs

Golf's Cambell Fisher and softball's Taylor Chell co-founded the future law enforcement leaders student group.

Gophers Celebrate Girls and Women in Sports

Gophers Celebrate Girls and Women in Sports

2/7/2018 - Student-Athlete Affairs

University of Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics celebrated National Girls and Women in Sports Day with a variety of events held throughout the week.

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