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2015 Gopher Football Season

2014 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2014 Gopher Football Season

2013-14 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2013-14 Hockey Cheer Team
2013 Football Season

Goldy Gopher Through the Years

2012-13 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2012-13 Hockey Cheer Team
2012 Homecoming Game Alumni
2012 Football Season

2011-12 Men's Hockey Season
2011-12 Men's Basketball Season
2011 Football Season

2010-11 Photos
2010-11 Men's Hockey Season
2010 Football Season

2009-10 Men's Hockey Season
2009-10 Men's Basketball Season
First Game in TCF Bank Stadium (September 12, 2009)
2009 Football Season

2008-09 Team Photos
2008-09 Men's Hockey Season
2008-09 Men's Basketball Season
2008 Football Season

2007-08 Men's Hockey Season
2007-08 Men's Basketball Season
2007 Football Season

2006-07 Men's Hockey Season
2006-07 Men's Basketball Season
2006 Football Season

2005-06 Team Photos
2005-06 Men's Hockey Season
2005-06 Men's Basketball Season
2005 Football Season

2004-05 Team Photos
2004-05 Men's Hockey Season
2004-05 Men's Basketball Season
2004 Football Season

2003-04 Men's Hockey Season
2003-04 Men's Basketball Season
2003 Football Season

2002-03 Men's Basketball Season
2002-03 Men's Hockey Season
2002 Football Season

Historical Photos


Goldy Gopher Featured in Minnesota Daily


The Minnesota Daily takes an in-depth look at the history of Goldy Gopher who dates back to 1952.

Spirit Squads during 2015 Football Season


Check out photos of the Spirit Squads performing at Gopher football games this season.

Goldy Featured in the New York Times


Goldy Gopher and the spinning of his head were featured in the New York Times.

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