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2017-18 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2017-18 Hockey Cheer Team
2017 Gopher Football Season

2016-17 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2016-17 Hockey Cheer Team
2016 Gopher Football Season

2015-16 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2015-16 Hockey Cheer Team
2015 Gopher Football Season

2014 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2014 Gopher Football Season

2013-14 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2013-14 Hockey Cheer Team
2013 Football Season

Goldy Gopher Through the Years

2012-13 Spirit Squads at Williams Arena
2012-13 Hockey Cheer Team
2012 Homecoming Game Alumni
2012 Football Season

2011-12 Men's Hockey Season
2011-12 Men's Basketball Season
2011 Football Season

2010-11 Photos
2010-11 Men's Hockey Season
2010 Football Season

2009-10 Men's Hockey Season
2009-10 Men's Basketball Season
First Game in TCF Bank Stadium (September 12, 2009)
2009 Football Season

2008-09 Team Photos
2008-09 Men's Hockey Season
2008-09 Men's Basketball Season
2008 Football Season

2007-08 Men's Hockey Season
2007-08 Men's Basketball Season
2007 Football Season

2006-07 Men's Hockey Season
2006-07 Men's Basketball Season
2006 Football Season

2005-06 Team Photos
2005-06 Men's Hockey Season
2005-06 Men's Basketball Season
2005 Football Season

2004-05 Team Photos
2004-05 Men's Hockey Season
2004-05 Men's Basketball Season
2004 Football Season

2003-04 Men's Hockey Season
2003-04 Men's Basketball Season
2003 Football Season

2002-03 Men's Basketball Season
2002-03 Men's Hockey Season
2002 Football Season

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Goldy Gopher: Heart of Gold

Goldy Gopher: Heart of Gold

4/19/2018 - Spirit Squad

Goldy Gopher is one of the most recognizable icons in the state of Minnesota, but what makes him such a special "face" of the University of Minnesota?

Goldy Gopher Wins National Championship

Goldy Gopher Wins National Championship

1/16/2018 - Spirit Squad

Minnesota spirit squads once again turned in elite performances at the recent 2018 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading And Dance Team National Championship in Orlando, Fla.

Ski-U-Mah Weekly: Goldy Edition

Ski-U-Mah Weekly: Goldy Edition

1/22/2018 - Spirit Squad

Goldy Gopher and mascot coach Jacob Schauf are this week's guests on Ski-U-Mah Weekly.

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