Golden Gopher Spirit Squads

2012-13 Mission Statement
It is our mission to uphold the pride and tradition of the University of Minnesota. We will strive to consistently work hard, practice and perform with heart, dedicate ourselves to this program, and above all have fun. We recognize that this program is not built on one person, but our spirit squad as a whole.

Dance Team
As COACHES, we will strive to instill tradition, respect, commitment, responsibility and pride in our team and in each other to achieve our goals. We will respect the differences of each individual and what they bring to the program; working to bring them together as one. We will hold our student-athletes accountable and recognize that we can prepare them for situations during college and beyond. We will work to be organized, consistent and supportive to make this an exemplary program across the nation.
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Dance Team
As the 2012-2013 DANCE TEAM, we will uphold past legacies while creating new traditions of our own. Our positive energy and spirit will allow us to motivate and inspire Minnesota Athletics. We will humbly take on the responsibility of being the faces of the university, always wearing the “M” with pride. We will strive to be uncommon and will remember to cherish the small moments that help us grow together as a team. WE ARE MINNESOTA. GOT IT. ONE LOVE!
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As the 2012-2013 GOLD ALL GIRL CHEER TEAM, our priority is to uphold a positive image as ambassadors of the university. We will maintain past traditions while creating our very own. We promise to set an example of leadership, spirit and pride throughout the school and our state. We will push ourselves as well as our teammates to excel in the classroom, inside the gym and in our everyday lives. Improvement of skills and personal achievement will fulfill, not only us, but our team as a whole. We will represent ourselves and always wear the “M” with pride. WE ARE MINNESOTA. PRIDE. PRIDE. PRIDE!
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Our mission as the 2012-2013 MAROON COED CHEER TEAM is to proudly represent the University of Minnesota. As we strive to develop our team throughout the season, we will utilize our individual talents to come together to create new traditions while upholding existing ones. With our leadership, we will reach out to inspire Minnesota pride. Through patience, strength and endless support, we will succeed. NEW SEASON. NEW REASON.
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Hockey Cheerleaders
As the HOCKEY CHEERLEADERS, we combine figure skating, cheerleading and dance to create a unique atmosphere, both on the ice and in the stands. For the 2012-2013 season, we will strive to create a sport that is recognized by all hockey fans. We will work to consistently pave the way as ambassadors for the sport of hockey cheerleading. We will balance athletics, academics, and community involvement to shape ourselves as successful individuals and teammates. By wearing the “M”, we will exhibit pride for our school, sport and ourselves. PRIDE ON ICE!
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With the high fives and head spins, GOLDY GOPHER will spark a fire of intensity in the hearts of Gopher Nation. Crowds will sing songs of Minnesota’s greatness for ages to come. On the dawn of every battle, Goldy will be the first to inspire excellence. After the glory is won, Goldy will still be there. Time has the power to crumble mountains, but Goldy’s dedication to the fans will always stand strong. It is not only Goldy’s duty, but his honor to fill you with the spirit and boundless energy of SKI-U-MAH. Your gratitude is not expected. Your smiles and laughter are all Goldy needs. WE ARE MINNESOTA!
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