Spirit Squads - 2017-18 Coaches

 Sam Owens
Head Coach
Spirit Squad Director

Kristina Anderson
Hockey Cheerleading
Team Coach
Spirit Squad Assistant Director

 Rachel Cagle
Hockey Cheerleading
Assistant Coach
 Jacob Schauf
Mascot Team Coach
Spirit Squad Coordinator
 Scott Beacher
Co-Ed Cheer Team Coach
 Brooke Binsfield
Co-Ed Cheer Assistant Coach
 Jake Patton
Co-Ed Cheer Team Coach
 Sarah Loschiavo
Small Co-Ed Cheer Coach
 Margaret Arnold
All-Girl Cheer Team Coach
 Shelby Davidson
All-Girl Cheer Team Coach
 Kelsey Hughes
All-Girl Cheer Team Coach
 Kim Saunders
Dance Team Coach
 Rachel Saunders
Dance Team Coach
 Rachel Fellows
Dance Team Coach


Get to Know the Gopher Spirit Squads


Get to know the members of the 2017-18 Golden Gopher Spirit Squads with updated bios and photos.

Spirit Squads at TCF Bank Stadium


Check out the latest photos of the Gopher Spirit Squads at TCF Bank Stadium during the 2017 football season.

Gophers Unveil New Goldy Helmet


With Goldy's birthday coming up, the Gopher football team unveiled new Goldy Helmets for the upcoming game on Saturday.

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