Spirit Squad Wins Pom Division
Goldy Gopher.
Jan. 20, 2016

Once again, the University of Minnesota spirit squads proved they are some of the best performers in the nation at the recent 2016 UCA & UDA College Cheerleading And Dance Team National Championship at the Disney All Star Resort in Orlando, Fla.

Headlining the way for the Gophers was the dance team who won its 16th national championship and seventh straight Pom title. Minnesota is the only team in the history of the UDA to win the Pom division.

The dance team finished second in Jazz this year to the University of Tennessee in a rivalry that now spans more than a decade.

Also finishing second in the competition was Goldy Gopher. Minnesota’s lovable mascot, who has won the event before, finished behind Aubie from Auburn this year.

The Gophers all-girl cheer team and co-ed cheer team both qualified for the finals this year. All-girl would place eighth, while co-ed finished the event in 13th place.

Division IA Pom
1. University of Minnesota - video
2. University of Cincinnati
3. University of Nevada Las Vegas
4. The Ohio State University
5. Rutgers University
6. University of Colorado
7. University of Kentucky
8. University of Oklahoma
9. University of Iowa

Division IA Jazz
1. University of Tennessee
2. University of Minnesota - video
3. Arizona State University
4. Louisiana State University
5. San Diego State University
6. The Ohio State University
7. Rutgers University
8. University of Memphis
9. University of Wisconsin
10. University of Michigan

Mascot Division IA
1. Auburn University - Aubie
2. University of Minnesota - Goldy Gopher – video
3. University of Colorado - Chip
4. The Ohio State University - Brutus Buckeye
5. University of Wisconsin - Bucky Badger
6. Louisiana State University - Mike
7. Michigan State University - Sparty
8. University of Oklahoma - Boomer
9. Washington State University - Butch T Cougar
10. University of Alabama - Big AL
11. Florida Atlantic University - Owlsley

All Girl Division I
1. Indiana University
2. University of Alabama
3. Western Kentucky University
4. San Diego State University
5. Rutgers University
6. University of Colorado
7. University of South Florida
8. University of Minnesota - video
T9. University of Maryland
T9. Mississippi State University
10. Bowling Green State University

Division IA Coed Cheer
1. University of Kentucky
2. UCF
3. University of Alabama
4. University of Mississippi
5. Mississippi State University
6. University of Cincinnati
7. The Ohio State University
8. Western Kentucky University
9. University of Tennessee
10. Louisiana State University
11. Rutgers University
12. Washington State University
13. University of Minnesota - video




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