Chandra Dahlke
Chandra  Dahlke


High School:
Mankato West High School

Year on Team: 1st

Major: Biology

High School: Mankato West High School

Previous Cheer Team/All-Star Gym: Previously a gymnast

Favorite Stunt: Full up

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Round off two handsprings layout

Favorite Place on Campus: Centennial Dining Hall

Favorite sport to watch/cheer for: Football

What made you want to cheer at the U of M? I have been a gymnast all my life and I wanted to do something similar and fun!

When/where did you first start cheering? U of M tryouts

What's something that most people don't know about you? I am great at imitating accents

What non-cheering accomplishment are you most proud of? Receiving the Dave Larson scholarship and being accepted into the College of Biological Sciences

What do you like to do when you're not cheering? Spend time with friends and family, ride horses, learn about biology

What is your favorite memory of this team? Never feeling left out and everyone working so hard to help me become a cheerleader

What are you looking forward to on this team? Pushing myself and my team to reach new goals. Also, cheering at games.

Do you have any tips for high school cheerleaders who want to continue in college? No matter how much experience you have (even none), you can do anything if you try your hardest!


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