Brooke Binsfield
Brooke Binsfield


High School:
Duluth East High School

Year on Team: 4th

Major: Journalism

High School: Duluth East High School

Previous Cheer Team/All-Star Gym: Duluth East

Favorite Stunt: Round-off rewinds

Favorite Tumbling Pass: Full to full

Favorite Place on Campus: Murphy Hall's Journalism Library

Favorite sport to watch/cheer for: Hockey to watch, football to cheer for

What made you want to cheer at the U of M? I wanted to stay in Minnesota for college but go somewhere bigger than the colleges in my hometown. I also wanted to push my cheerleading abilities to the next level and challenge myself with a new type of stunting--coed.

When/where did you first start cheering? 2005 for Duluth East High School

What's something that most people don't know about you? Growing up I collected Archie comic books, I have over 400

What non-cheering accomplishment are you most proud of? Maintaining my grades and discovering what classes I excel in most while being busy with a job, practices, games and a social life

What do you like to do when you're not cheering? Read, watch movies, do yoga

What is your favorite memory of this team? When my stunt partner and I hit our first toss cupie

What are you looking forward to on this team? Witnessing and being a part of all the accomplishments that our raw-talented team can come up with. It will be extremely exciting to see where everyone is at the end of the season.

Do you have any tips for high school cheerleaders who want to continue in college? Don't give up on it. If you want something, work your butt off and go get it. Nothing is worse than the regret of knowing you could have tried a little harder.


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