Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Bylaws


  • To serve as a liaison between the student-athlete population, athletic department, Big Ten Conference, Western Collegiate Hockey Association, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association on issues facing the overall welfare of the collegiate student-athlete.  To encourage leadership and involvement in all programs within the athletic department and campus environment, through empowering and educating student-athletes at the University Of Minnesota. S.A.A.C. shall operate as a non-profit organization and shall abide by the applicable rules and policies of the University of Minnesota pertaining to student organizations.

Executive Committee Structure:

  • The executive committee will consist of at least two (2) male and two (2) female student-athletes at all times. 
  • Executive committee members should be in their second year of school or later.
  • The members of the executive committee will share equal responsibility, as well as decision power within the committee structure.
  • Executive committee members will serve for at least one (1) full year.  Additionally, the following will hold true:
  • At the end of the term an executive committee member may resign from the committee.
  • Student-athletes who decide to not serve on the executive committee a second term can retain a position on S.A.A.C. as a team representative.
  • Nominations for the executive committee will take place in March.  In order to be nominated student-athletes must have been a representative at least one (1) year.
  • Voting will occur at the April S.A.A.C meeting of the year in review.
  • Voting will be done by the existing S.A.A.C. committee, thus allowing each team two (2) votes.  Note:  This will not include the Executive Committee Members’ votes.  Only the two representatives will be allowed to vote.  
  • The executive committee will meet independently prior to the S.A.A.C.  These meetings are held to brief the executives on administrative and Big Ten and Western Collegiate Hockey Association, and National Collegiate Athletic Association issues, as well as the creation of the agenda for the following week.

Member Criteria:

  • Each team must have at least two (2) representatives (preferably one (1) upper classmen and one (1) under classmen).  Any representatives over two will be at the discretion of the executive committee.
  • Each team can have no more than two (2) possible votes.
  • Each team will decide how the two (2) representatives are selected.
  • Team representatives must be able to serve one (1) full semester.
  • Each member must be academically eligible and in good academic standing with the University of Minnesota.
  • Executive Board members are not included in two team representatives.

Meeting Schedule:

  • The day and time for the first meeting of the semester will be the same as the regular meetings of the previous semester (i.e. First Monday of every month), unless otherwise notified by email. 


  • There must be 26 out of the 50 votes from team representatives or designees for any proposed initiative or legislation to pass.
  • The same requirements are in place for on-line voting.

Guests and Visitors:

  • Guests and visitors are welcome to attend, however must be added to the agenda prior to the meeting with the entire S.A.A.C.
  • Guests and visitors are not allowed to participate in the meetings until they are recognized by the committee, as well as the floor being opened up to them.
  • If the meeting is deemed closed to guests and visitors, it can be voted upon at any time during the meeting. At this time, our Executive committee will politely ask our guests and visitors to step out of the room during the remainder of the meeting.


  • All S.A.A.C. members are expected to participate and encourage their teammates to participate and utilize services rendered.
  • Career – To assist in the planning, implementation, and assessment of initiatives designed to encourage the pursuit of career and life goals.
  • Gopher Events - To assist in the promotion of events on campus, within the community, and through athletic department.  To assist in the planning, marketing, organization, set-up, and clean-up of events.  To actively participate in events when schedule permits.
  • Maroon Madness - To assist in planning Maroon Madness events.  Each team will have one (1) home event in which Maroon Madness will be celebrated.  Each team will be expected to assist in the planning, marketing, and execution of these events every year.
  • Branding – To assist in the promotion of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the various events and collaborations which define our commitment to success.

Additional Clauses:

  • Bylaws - Reviewing of bylaws will take place at the beginning of each semester to allow any issues or concerns to be addressed regarding their implementation and enforcement.
  • Absences - Any team representative that misses more than one S.A.A.C. meeting in a semester, failing to send an alternate will have coaches notified.  If a representative is excused from the committee, then a new member must be appointed by that team in his/her place.
  • Dissolution – As an official NCAA, Big-Ten, and University of Minnesota affiliated organization, should S.A.A.C. be dissolved, all funds will be dispersed proportionally to the various sources from which they were received.


    • This constitution as it stands was reviewed and ratified by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. The executive board members listed below were present during this ratification.

Name: Brian Peterson, President

Name: Derek Jerde, Vice President

Name: Jessica Schmidt, Treasurer

Name: Alex Ortiz, Secretary

Name: Megan Smith, Maroon Madness Coordinator


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