Get to Know Your Gophers: Conrad Rangell
Conrad Rangell of Clovis, Calif.

Nov. 1, 2012

GopherSports: Why did you decide to transfer to Minnesota after wrestling at Fresno City College?
Conrad Rangell: Because of how hard the team works and the tradition of wrestling the Gophers keep. There's nothing like that in California.

GS: What other schools were you considering before deciding to come to the U of M?
CR: Wyoming and Cal State Bakersfield

GS: How did you get started in wrestling?
CR: I was always kind of a mean, aggressive kid and I needed some discipline. I saw how tough wrestling was and signed up.

GS: You were a four-time letter-winner in high school. When/why did you decide to commit to wrestling full-time?
CR: I was in 7th grade and just decided I wanted to be great at wrestling and trained year around. Even though I took time off after high school, there was a void in my life and decided to wrestle full-time again. Life without wrestling is just shallow.

GS: What was it like to be a part of a team that went undefeated en route to two consecutive junior college state championships?
CR: It was awesome. It was pretty much the first time in my life when I was on a great wrestling team. It was incredible to be a part of a team that pushed each other to go undefeated.

GS: You answered on your questionnaire that you haven't achieved your greatest sports thrill yet. As a Gopher, what goals are you hoping to accomplish to change that?
CR: The number one goal that I've always had was to be a Division 1 National Champion, individually and as a team. I've always thought the national tournament for wrestling is the hardest championship to win out of any sport, even harder than professional sports championships. It is a meat grinder. To accomplish that feat would be amazing.

GS: What has been the coolest experience you have had because of your involved in wrestling?
CR: Probably just being able to travel across the country and go into battle with other wrestlers. It's fun to see different styles from different areas and try to earn your place at the top.

GS: Now that you have been here a few months, what do you like most about college at the U?
CR: Honestly, I just really like the wrestling program. We work hard and push each other to be better. And we all hang out in our free time, so it makes for good times in and out of the wrestling room.

GS: You're originally from Fresno, California; how are you preparing yourself for winter in the Midwest?
CR: I've been eating a lot of fatty food so I can gain some fat for more insulation to keep me warm. If that doesn't work I'll just be bundled up so much I'll look like the Michelin Man.

Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: Can't pick one: The Departed, Fight Club, The Dark Knight
Favorite Video Game: Halo 2
Favorite Hobby Outside of Wrestling: Paintball




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