Get to Know the Gophers: Jordan Bremer

Aug. 28, 2012

GopherSports: How did you first decide to become a wrestler?
Jordan Bremer: I really just kind of got put into it. My older brother, he did it all throughout his life and through high school. My dad just kind of got me started when I was in kindergarten. From there it just took off.

GS: When did you start to feel like you had the ability to wrestle in college?
JB: It wasn’t until about my sophomore or junior year. I won my first state title, and then it started to look like a reality, whether it was small division or Division I. Then I won two more and this opportunity came along.

GS: Why did you choose to come to Minnesota?
JB: Just because of the past tradition. They’ve won three national titles. They’ve had all the All-Americans, their national champions. It’s relatively close to home. It’s in the Midwest, where I grew up. It was just an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

GS: What other schools did you consider?
JB: Northern Illinois University, South Dakota State University, and the University of Nebraska.

GS: What are you most looking forward to about starting college?
JB: I think just the relationships and the memories I’m going to make with my teammates. I’m looking forward to wrestling for the University of Minnesota, whether it’s varsity or anything, just to represent them any way I can.

GS: You are planning to major in sport management and minor in marketing. How did you choose those areas of study?
JB: I’ve always been interested in working with players, working with athletes, working in a business form. Any way I ever thought about business was with a sports organization, at any level. It’s just something that I’ve always been intrigued by.

GS: What are some of your goals for your first season as a Golden Gopher?
JB: To improve the most I can every day—whether it’s getting bigger and stronger, learning a new technique or getting better on technique—and then going out in open tournaments and winning the most matches that I can.



GS: You won three consecutive Iowa state titles. Do you have a favorite?
JB: I would have to say my third one, because it really cast my legacy at my school because I was the first multiple state champion. We’ve had state champions before, but they were all seniors when they won it so they left and never had a chance. I won it when I was a sophomore and won two more. I was the first one to do that in our school, and it kind of set the bar for the younger wrestlers that we have coming through the high school and through the little kid programs.

GS: What was it like to go undefeated (45-0) your junior year?
JB: That was actually not a goal coming into the season, but it’s something that just happened. I was flawless that year. I just went out and I dominated every match, and it was just something that came along with all the hard work. It was pretty special to go undefeated. It wasn’t a goal coming in, but it just happened.

GS: You also played four years of high school baseball. What position did you play, and what did you like best about playing baseball?
JB: I played centerfield. I’m from a real small town—I think we’re a town of 1,500 people—so we had to have multiple-sport athletes, compared to the big schools where you normally specialize in one. Just being able to help my school, with the limited numbers that we had, in any way that I could, was one of the best ways to spend my summer for four years. I made great bonds with my teammates. My cousin was the coach, which was pretty sweet. It was a lot of fun.

Freshmen Favorites
Favorite Pre-match Meal: Pizza Lunchables
Favorite Movie: "Friday Night Lights"
Favorite Hobby Outside of Wrestling: Fishing
Favorite Vacation: Going to Disney World, twice when he was younger


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