Big Ten Announces Wrestling Championship Seeds
Tony Nelson is one of three Gophers who was awarded the top-seed in their respected weight class for the Big Ten Championships this weekend

Feb. 27, 2012

The Big Ten Conference has announced the preliminary seeds for the 2012 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, which are set to take place from March 3-4 at Mackey Arena on the campus of Purdue University. The pre-seeds, rank the top eight wrestlers in seven weight classes, are decided based on a vote by the conference coaches.  Due to the conference receiving nine or more NCAA qualifier allocations at 149, 174 and 285, 12 wrestlers were seeded in each of those weight classes.

Nine Golden Gophers are seeded in the top seven of their weight class in the preliminary seeds.  Kevin Steinhaus (184 lbs.), Sonny Yohn (197 lbs.) and Tony Nelson Hwt) all received the top overall seed for their weight class. Zach Sanders (125 lbs.) and Logan Storley (174 lbs.) were each awarded a No.2 seed, while Dylan Ness (149 lbs.) was given the No. 3 seed. Both Chris (133 lbs.) and Nick Dardanes (141 lbs.) earned the No. 4 seed, while Cody Yohn is the No. 7 seed in the 165 lbs. division.

125 lbs.

  1. Matt McDonough, IOWA
  2. Zach Sanders, MINN
  3. Nico Megaludis, PSU
  4. Jesse Delgado, ILL
  5. Levi Mele, NU
  6. Johnni DiJulius, OSU
  7. Camden Eppert, PUR
  8. Brenan Lyon, MSU

 133 lbs.

  1. Logan Stieber, OSU
  2. Tony Ramos, IOWA
  3. B.J. Futrell, ILL
  4. Chris Dardanes, MINN
  5. Cashe Quiroga, PUR
  6. Zac Stevens, MICH
  7. Ridge Kiley, NEB
  8. Frank Martelotti, PSU

 141 lbs.

  1. Kellen Russell, MICH
  2. Hunter Stieber, OSU
  3. Montell Marion, IOWA
  4. Nick Dardanes, MINN
  5. Jake Sueflohn, NEB
  6. Daryl Thomas, ILL
  7. Matt Ortega, IND
  8. Bryan Pearsall, PSU

 149 lbs.

  1. Frank Molinaro, PSU
  2. Eric Grajales, MICH
  3. Dylan Ness, MINN
  4. Ivan Lopouchanski, PUR
  5. Cam Tessari, OSU
  6. Taylor Walsh, IND
  7. Eric Terrazas, ILL
  8. Kaleb Friedley, NU
  9. Dan Osterman, MSU
  10. Mike Kelly, IOWA
  11. Skylar Galloway, NEB
  12. Frank Baer, WIS

157 lbs.

  1. Jason Welch, NU
  2. Dylan Alton, PSU
  3. James Green, NEB
  4. Anthony Jones, MSU
  5. Josh Demas, OSU
  6. Derek St. John, IOWA
  7. Tommy Churchard, PUR
  8. Jackson Morse, ILL

 165 lbs.

  1. David Taylor, PSU
  2. Mike Evans, IOWA
  3. Robert Kokesh, NEB
  4. Ben Jordan, WIS
  5. Conrad Polz, ILL
  6. Dan Yates, MICH
  7. Cody Yohn, MINN
  8. Derek Garcia, OSU

 174 lbs.

  1. Ed Ruth, PSU
  2. Logan Storley, MINN
  3. Ethen Lofthouse, IOWA
  4. Justin Zeerip, MICH
  5. Nick Heflin, OSU
  6. Curran Jacobs, MSU
  7. Tyler Koehn, NEB
  8. Jordan Blanton, ILL
  9. Lee Munster, NU
  10. Ryan LeBlanc, IND
  11. Drake Stein, PUR
  12. Frank Cousins, WIS

 184 lbs.

  1. Kevin Steinhaus, MINN
  2. Quentin Wright, PSU
  3. Josh Ihnen, NEB
  4. Grant Gambrall, IOWA
  5. C.J. Magrum, OSU
  6. Braden Atwood, PUR
  7. Tony Dallago, ILL
  8. Ian Hinton, MSU

197 lbs.

  1. Sonny Yohn, MINN
  2. Matt Powless, IND
  3. Morgan McIntosh, PSU
  4. Max Huntley, MICH
  5. Mario Gonzalez, ILL
  6. Andrew Campolattano, OSU
  7. James Nakashima, NEB
  8. A.J. Kissel, PUR

285 lbs.

  1. Tony Nelson, MINN
  2. Cameron Wade, PSU
  3. Ben Apland, MICH
  4. Tucker Lane, NEB
  5. Mike McMullan, NU
  6. Bobby Telford, IOWA
  7. Adam Chalfant, IND
  8. Roger Vukobratovich, PUR
  9. Peter Capone, OSU
  10. Steve Andrus, MSU
  11. Pat Walker, ILL
  12. Cole Tobin, WIS




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