Discusses Wisconsin with Mikey Ross
Mikey Ross will match up against his former teammates of Wisconsin Friday night

Oct. 26, 2012

The University of Minnesota men’s swimming and diving team plays host to a border battle against Wisconsin Friday night at the University Aquatic Center. Mikey Ross, a senior diver for the Gophers, is a transfer from Wisconsin after spending his freshman and sophomore years with the Badgers. asked the senior a few questions about matching up against his former teammates.

Gopher Sports: Is it exciting to match up against your old team?
Ross: Yes, very exciting to see my old teammates on deck at my home pool. 

GS: Do you still keep in touch with some of your former teammates from Wisconsin?
Ross: Yes, I am very close with some of my old teammates and classmates. I was just in Madison last weekend for the Gopher/Badger football game and it was great to spend time with them. The people I first became close with in my college experience have become very special friends to me.

GS: Do you kind of joke about competing against each other or is it pretty serious?
Ross: We Joke mostly, we both know who will be the clear victor at a dual meet. They are still a team rebuilding from a lot of program changes but they are on the rise. When I left I was the only male diver so I don’t really have to compete against anyone who was every my teammate.

GS: This is your last dual meet against Wisconsin (not counting triple duals) and it's senior night, what does this mean to you?
Ross: It is going to be a really special night being senior night and having all of my teammates from my college career there to support me. I’m just going to have fun, soak it all in and have a great meet.

GS: Do you have any Badger blood left in you or are you all Gopher?
Ross: I see myself as a freak diving-rodent hybrid of sorts, I believe my experience at two different schools has given me a great advantage because it has allowed me to take the best of both worlds.




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