Haley Spencer's Last Week In Hawaii
Haley blogs about the Gopher's final days in Hawaii

Jan. 19, 2013

Our last week in hawaii has been both exciting and challenging as we try to fit in the fun things we can't do when we get back to freezing cold Minnesota while continuing to tackle hard training. After a great showing against the University of Hawaii, 30 of us woke up before sunrise on our day off to go shark diving on the north shore. Even though the thought of doing this had been giving me nightmares since November, it was definitely one of the coolest and most memorable things I've done (thanks mom for making me sign up!). 

The women all got together on Wednesday for our annual 'secret surfer' gift exchange. Every year in hawaii, you are assigned a person to make motivational signs for (without letting them know who you are!) and at the end of the trip, you reveal yourself to them and give them a gift. Its a good way for all of us to stay connected even when our practice schedules don't match up, and the gifts are always amusing to see.

Our last practice of the trip is in a few hours, and will consist of goal 50's. This is a set of 30x50s where you are giving a goal time and have to make as many as possible. Depending on how the coaches are feeling, if you miss your goal time- you may have to make those 50s up at the end of practice. This can be particularly challenging (and some would argue cruel) if you are having a bad day and don't make any of your goal 50's and then have to make up the 30 that you missed! (Finger's crossed that the coaches are feeling generous today and that won't be the case :)!) The women have a tradition of singing "Living on a Prayer" when we are halfway through the set, and it always seems to brighten moods (at least until the next 50 starts). 

Leaving Hawaii will be bittersweet this year. While I am ready to return back to my own bed and to get into championship season, its hard knowing that this is my last training trip with the rest of my senior class. We've been through four years of these now, and it seems like only yesterday that we were arriving for our first one! However, the attitudes and sayings taken on by my teammates this trip really have all of us ready to get back and tear it up for the rest of the season. The two phrases heard the most this trip were, "familia" and "no regrets"- I can't think of a better mantra to have heading into the Big Ten Championships (at our home pool!!) and the NCAA Championships this year. 



Thanks for following along the last three weeks that we have been here! 

Haley Spencer
Go Gophers!


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