WCHA Award Winners

First Team All-WCHA
Player, Pos., Year
Jim Mattson, G, 1952-53
Tom Wegleitner, D, 1952-53
John Mayasich, F, 1952-53
Dick Dougherty, F, 1952-53
Jim Mattson, G, 1953-54
John Mayasich, F, 1953-54
Dick Dougherty, F, 1953-54
Ken Yackel, D, 1953-54
John Mayasich, F, 1954-55
Ken Yackel, D, 1954-55
Ken Yackel, D, 1955-56
Jack McCartan, G, 1956-57
Jack McCartan, G, 1957-58
Lou Nanne, D, 1962-63
Doug Woog, F, 1964-65
Gary Gambucci, F, 1967-68
Murray McLachlan, G, 1968-68
Murray McLachlan, G, 1968-68
Brad Shelstad, G, 1973-74
Mike Polich, F, 1974-75
Reed Larson, D, 1975-76
Bill Baker, D, 1978-79
Tim Harrer, F, 1979-80
Steve Ulseth, F, 1980-81
Neal Broten, F, 1980-81
Aaron Broten, F, 1980-81
Scott Bjugstad, F, 1982-83
Bryan Erickson, F, 1982-83
Tom Rothstein, F, 1983-84
Pat Micheletti, F, 1984-85
John Blue, G, 1985-86
Robb Stauber, G, 1987-88
Randy Skarda, D, 1987-88
Tom Chorske, F, 1988-89
Peter Hankinson, F, 1989-90
Larry Olimb, F, 1991-92
Chris McAlpine, D, 1993-94
Brian Bonin, F, 1994-95
Brian Bonin, F, 1995-96
Mike Crowley, D, 1995-96
Mike Crowley, D, 1996-97
Steve DeBus, G, 1996-97
Jordan Leopold, D, 2000-01
Jordan Leopold, D, 2001-02
John Pohl, F, 2001-02
Keith Ballard, D, 2003-04
Ryan Potulny, F, 2005-06
Alex Goligoski, D, 2006-07
Ryan Stoa, F, 2008-09
Nick Bjugstad, F, 2011-12
Kent Patterson, G, 2011-12
Nate Schmidt, D, 2012-13

Second Team All-WCHA
Player, Pos., Year
John Mayasich, F, 1951-52
Gene Campbell, F, 1952-53
Robert (Mike) Pearson, D, 1957-58
Dick Burg, F, 1957-58
Craig Falkmann, F, 1963-64
John Lothrop, G, 1965-66
Gary Gambucci, F, 1965-66
Dick Paradise, D, 1967-68
Bill Klatt, F, 1967-68
Wally Olds, D, 1969-70
Wally Olds, D, 1970-71
Les Auge, D, 1974-75
Steve Christoff, F, 1978-79
Steve Christoff, F, 1979-80
Bryan Erickson, F, 1981-82
Tony Kellin, D, 1983-84
John Blue, G, 1984-85
Corey Millen, F, 1984-85
Pat Micheletti, F, 1985-86
Corey Millen, F, 1985-86
Todd Richards, D, 1986-87
Corey Millen, F, 1986-87
Todd Richards, D, 1987-88
Robb Stauber, G, 1988-89
Todd Richards, D, 1988-89
Dave Snuggerud, F, 1988-89
Larry Olimb, F, 1990-91
Doug Zmolek, D, 1991-92
Travis Richards, D, 1991-92
Jeff Stolp, G, 1991-92
Travis Richards, D, 1992-93
Jeff Nielsen, F, 1993-94
Dan Trebil, D, 1995-96
Reggie Berg, F, 1997-98
John Pohl, F, 1999-2000
Dylan Mills, D, 1999-2000
Jordan Leopold, D, 1999-2000
Erik Westrum, F, 2000-01
Paul Martin, D, 2001-02
Thomas Vanek, F, 2002-03
Paul Martin, D, 2002-03
Keith Ballard, D, 2002-03
Thomas Vanek, F, 2003-04
Alex Goligoski, D, 2005-06
Mike Vannelli, D, 2006-07
Kyle Okposo, F, 2006-07
Jordan Schroeder, F, 2008-09
Nate Schmidt, D, 2011-12
Erik Haula, F, 2012-13

Third Team All-WCHA
Player, Pos., Year
Ryan Kraft, F, 1996-97
Wyatt Smith, F, 1997-98
Wyatt Smith, F, 1998-99
Jordan Leopold, D, 1998-99
Erik Westrum, F, 1999-2000
Adam Hauser, G, 2000-01
Jeff Taffe, F, 2001-02
Troy Riddle, F, 2002-03
Danny Irmen, F, 2004-05
Ryan Potulny, F, 2004-05
Danny Irmen, F, 2005-06
Chris Harrington, D, 2005-06
Blake Wheeler, F, 2007-08
Nick Bjugstad, F, 2012-13
Adam Wilcox, G, 2012-13

Honorable Mention All-WCHA
Player, Pos., Year
Paul Ostby, G, 1981-82
Scott Bjugstad, F, 1981-82
Tom Hirsch, D, 1981-82
David Jensen, D, 1982-83
Steve Griffith, F, 1982-83
Tom Hirsch, D, 1982-83
Frank Pietrangelo, G, 1982-83
Paul Butters, G, 1982-83
Pat Micheletti, F, 1983-84
Gary Shopek, D, 1983-84
Mike Vacanti, G, 1983-84
Mike Guentzel, D, 1983-84
Kurt Larson, D, 1983-84
Jeff Larson, F, 1983-84
Tony Kellin, D, 1984-85
Tom Parenteau, D, 1984-85
Mike Guentzel, D, 1984-85
Rick Erdall, F, 1984-85
Tony Kellin, D, 1985-86
Frank Pietrangelo, G, 1985-86
Wally Chapman, F, 1985-86
Todd Okerlund, F, 1985-86
Gary Shopek, D, 1985-86
Gary Shopek, D, 1986-87
John Blue, G, 1986-87
Steve MacSwain, F, 1986-87
Dave Snuggerud, F, 1986-87
Jay Cates, F, 1987-88
Peter Hankinson, F, 1987-88
Lance Pitlick, D, 1988-89
Randy Skarda, D, 1988-89
Ken Gernander, F, 1989-90
Larry Olimb, D/F, 1989-90
Tom Pederson, D, 1989-90
Jeff Stolp, G, 1990-91
Tom Pederson, D, 1990-91
Doug Zmolek, D, 1990-91
Travis Richards, D, 1990-91
Grant Bischoff, F, 1990-91
Ben Hankinson, F, 1990-91
Trent Klatt, F, 1991-92
Craig Johnson, F, 1991-92
Darby Hendrickson, F, 1991-92
Craig Johnson, F, 1992-93
Chris McAlpine, D, 1992-93
Brian Bonin, F, 1993-94
Dan Trebil, D, 1993-94
Justin McHugh, F, 1994-95
Dan Trebil, D, 1994-95
Mike Crowley, D, 1994-95
Jeff Callinan, G, 1994-95

All-WCHA Rookie Team
Player, Pos., Year
Craig Johnson, F, 1990-91
Chris McAlpine, D, 1990-91
Darby Hendrickson, F, 1991-92
Steve Magnusson, F, 1991-92
Brian Bonin, F, 1992-93
Ryan Kraft, F, 1994-95
Mike Crowley, D, 1994-95
Erik Rasmussen, F, 1995-96
Steve DeBus, G, 1995-96
Dave Spehar, F, 1996-97
Ben Clymer, D, 1996-97
Jordan Leopold, D, 1998-99
Grant Potulny, F, 2000-01
Troy Riddle, F, 2000-01
Paul Martin, D, 2000-01
Keith Ballard, D, 2001-02
Thomas Vanek, F, 2002-03
Chris Harrington, D, 2002-03
Alex Goligoski, D, 2004-05
Phil Kessel, F, 2005-06
Kyle Okposo, F, 2006-07
Erik Johnson, D, 2006-07
Cade Fairchild, D, 2007-08
Jordan Schroeder, F, 2008-09
Kyle Rau, F, 2011-12

WCHA MVP/Player of the Year

From 1960-81, the league’s MVP award was administered by the Denver Post. Since 1981, it has been selected through balloting of coaches, players, sports information directors and media. In 1992, the MVP designation was changed to WCHA Player of the Year.

Player, Pos., Year
Lou Nanne, D, 1962-63
Murray McLachlan, G, 1968-69
Murray McLachlan, G, 1969-70
Mike Polich, F (co), 1974-75
Tim Harrer, F, 1979-80
Steve Ulseth, F, 1980-81
Robb Stauber, G 1987-88
Brian Bonin, F, 1994-95
Brian Bonin, F, 1995-96
Mike Crowley, D, 1996-97

WCHA Rookie of the Year

The WCHA Rookie of the Year has been presented under three different criteria since 1960. From 1959-60 through 1969-70, freshmen were not allowed to play in the WCHA and the rookie award went to the top sophomore. From 1970-71 through 1989-90, the award was known as the Freshman of the Year. In 1990, the WCHA adopted the Rookie of the Year Award for the top first-year player.

Player, Pos., Year
Darby Hendrickson, F, 1991-92
Mike Crowley, D, 1994-95
Thomas Vanek, F, 2002-03
Phil Kessel, F, 2005-06
Jordan Schroeder, F, 2008-09

WCHA Defensive Player of the Year
Player, Pos., Year
Jordan Leopold, D, 2000-01
Jordan Leopold, D, 2001-02
Alex Goligoski, D, 2006-07

WCHA Goaltender of the Year

The WCHA Goaltender of the Year Award was created in 1987 and presented for two seasons before being discontinued in voting by the membership following the 1988-89 season.

Player, Year
Robb Stauber, 1987-88
Robb Stauber, 1988-89

WCHA Goaltending Champion

The WCHA Goaltending Champion award is presented annually to the goaltender with the lowest goals-against average in WCHA games. (Goaltender must have played at least a minimum of 33% of team minutes played)

Player, Year
Ken Patterson, 2011-12 (2.06 goals-against average in 28 games)

WCHA Student-Athlete of the Year

First presented in 1986-87, the WCHA Student-Athlete of the Year Award is based on a combination of academics, sportsmanship and athletic ability. Each school nominated one player from their team with the winner selected in a voting of member institutions.

Player, Pos., Year
Justin McHugh, F, 1994-95
Dan Trebil, D, 1995-96

WCHA Coach of the Year
Coach, Year
Glen Sonmor, 1969-70
Herb Brooks, 1973-74
Brad Buetow, 1979-80
Doug Woog, 1989-90
Don Lucia, 2005-06


Exhibition Game Time Set


Puck drop for Gopher Hockey’s exhibition contest against Alberta on Sunday, Oct. 1 has been set for 5:00 p.m. CT at 3M Arena at Mariucci.

Gophers Selected to Pace Big Ten


Team captain Tyler Sheehy was one of two Big Ten players selected as a unanimous pick while he was joined on the list by Ryan Lindgren, Rem Pitlick and newcomer Casey Mittelstadt.

Pride on Ice: Michigan Boys at the MN State Fair


We sent our two Michigan Gophers (Brent Gates Jr. and Mike Szmatula) to the Minnesota State Fair to check things out. Needless to say, the Great Minnesota Get-Together did not disappoint.

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