Year Gymnast (Event, Place)
1938 Paul Johnson (SH, 2nd)
1938 Curtis O. Lynum (HB, 2nd; FR, 3rd)
1939 Petey O'Heron (SH, 4th)
1939 James Ronning (SH, 3rd)
1939 Robert Hanning (SH, 6th; PB, 5th)
1939 James Haffey (PB, 2nd)
1939 Delver Daly (AA, 5th; HB, 3rd)
1939 Curtis Lynum (HB, 6th)
1940 James Ronning (SH, 3rd; HB, 3rd; Flying Rings 6th)
1940 Delver Daly (PB, 6th)
1940 Robert C. Hanning (PB, 1st)
1940 Newt Loken (HB, 2nd; T, t-2nd; FR, 3rd)
1941 Newt Loken (AA, 2nd; HB, 1st; T, 2nd; V, 6th; FX, 5th; PB, 5th)
1941 Robert C. Hanning (PB, 3rd; SH, 5th)
1941 Frank Grossman (RC, t-2nd; FR, 4th)
1941 Delver Daly (FR, 1st; RC, 4th; HB, 5th)
1941 Allen Aagaard (RC, 5th)
1941 George Olson (HB, 4th)
1942 Newt Loken (AA, 1st; PB, 3rd; T, 2nd; V, 3rd; HB, 4th)
1948 James B. Peterson (AA, 3rd; V, 1st; HB, 2nd)
1948 Doug Sorenson (V, 4th)
1948 George Patten (TU, 4th)
1949 James B. Peterson (T, 2nd; TR, 4th)
1949 Howard Swanson (SH, 4th)
1949 Donald Hedstrom (FR, 4th)
1952 Kenneth Bartlett (AA, 3rd; PB, 3rd; FR, 1st)
1953 Kenneth Bartlett (AA, 3rd; PB, 3rd; FR, 1st)
1953 Verne Evans (TR, 3rd)
1954 James Jackson (HB, 6th)
1956 James Jackson (HB, 5th)
1959 Duane Hoecherl (PB, 5th; HB, 6th)
1964 Tom Arneson (SH, 6th)
1974 Jeff LaFleur (V, 6th)
1976 Jeff LaFleur (PB, 5th)
1978 Tim LaFleur (PB, 5th)
1980 Peter Velguth (SR, 6th)
1981 Joey Ray (PB, 6th)
1982 Brian Meeker (HB, 6th)
1985 Steve Braun (PH, 4th)
1985 Dave Menke (HB, 5th)
1986 Rob Brown (AA, 6th)
1986 Steve Braun (PH, 3rd)
1988 Dale Langenfels (FX, 4th)
1988 Dave Devries (PH, 5th)
1989 Mark McKiernan (PH, 4th)
1989 Jay Caputo (PB, 6th)
1989 Mike Miller (SR, 8th)
1990 John Roethlisberger (AA, 2nd; SR, t-4th; PB, 4th; PH, 4th; HB, 4th)
1990 Mike Graham (PH, 4th)
1990 Jay Caputo (HB, 3rd; PB, 5th)
1991 John Roethlisberger (AA, 1st; SR, 5th; PB, t-1st)
1991 Mike Farina (PH, 6th)
1991 Jay Caputo (PB, t-3rd)
1991 Leif Carlson (HB, 4th)
1992 John Roethlisberger (AA, 1st; FX, t-2nd; SR, t-6th; V, t-2nd)
1992 Brian Yee (PH, 3rd)
1992 Rob Hanson (SR, t-6th)
1993 John Roethlisberger (AA, 1st; PH, 1st; PB, 4th)
1995 Brian Yee (PH, 3rd)
1995 Colby Van Cleave (V, 5th)
1999 Jason Krob (PH, t-2nd)
2001 Clay Strother (AA, 5th; FX, 1st; PH, 1st)
2002 Clay Strother (AA, 6th; FX, 1st; PH, 1st; V, 6th; PB, 4th)
2002 Guillermo Alvarez (FX, 3rd)
2003 Clay Strother (AA, 6th; FX, 5th; PH, 4th)
2004 Guillermo Alvarez (AA, 5th; FX, 4th; PH, 6th)
2005 Guillermo Alvarez (AA, 4th; FX, 8th; PH, 2nd; V, 2nd)
2007 Andre Berry (AA, 8th)
2007 Kit Beikmann (PH, 7th)
2007 Jake Lee (AA, 6th)
2007 Adam Reichow (Fx, 2nd; V, 6th)
2007 Cole Storer (FX, 6th)
2008 Mitchell Mays (V, 8th)
2008 Cole Storer (HB, 2nd)
2009 Kit Beikmann (PH, 5th)
2009 DJ Repp (V, 6th)
2010 Cole Storer (FX, 8th)
2013 Ellis Mannon (PH, 2nd)
2014 Ellis Mannon (PH, 1st)
2015 Zach Liebler (FX, 3rd)
2015 Joel Gagnon (FX, 6th)
2015 Steve Jaciuk (HB, 3rd)
2015 Jack Metcalf (SR, 6th)
2015 Ellis Mannon (PH, 7th)
2016 Zach Liebler (V, 7th; FX, 8th)
2016 Joel Gagnon (FX, 8th)
2016 Justin Karstadt (PH, 8th)


Gophers Win with Highest Score in B1G


Minnesota wrapped its regular season with a statement win at Nebraska on Saturday, with a final score of 426.950-425.550.

No. 5 Minnesota Travels to No. 6 Nebraska


The Golden Gophers will travel to Lincoln, Neb. this Saturday, March 25 for the second meeting against No. 6 Nebraska this season.

Wiskus Wins All-Around for Team USA


Incoming freshman Shane Wiskus earned gold in the senior all-around competition at the University of Calgary International Cup this past Friday.

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